Etsy shop up and running

So excited to finally have the Etsy shop up and running. A little late for the Christmas shopping crowd but it gives you an idea of what is to come. I posted on Instagram and got enough orders coming in from there that I haven’t really spread the word about the shop being opened until now.

Garland for different holidays will probably always be in shop. I love the simplicity of felt pom pom garland and yet it just adds that little touch to any space to spruce it up a bit and make it a little more festive.

This was definitely the biggest seller this season. Our nativity keeps it simple and yet helps us focus on the most important part of the season. Expect to see lots of wood projects on our Etsy site!

We will always have some tags and cards in stock. I love the touch a handmade card/tag adds to any gift. It makes it feel more personal and adds a little spice/style at the same time. Blank backs allow you to leave a little note or keep it simple with just a To: and From: added to the front.

Here is a link to check out all we have in stock. Keep coming back to check out what is new each holiday and season. I have some super cute Valentine’s Day decor coming soon!

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