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Here are some of our items in, or coming soon, to our shop. Favorite our page to see when new products come in!

This sold out right after we put it up but I do have material to make a second one like this and I have some with a slight variation coming soon!

We have 2 printable valentines for you this year. Perfect if your children are still wanting to give valentines to some of their friends (or for class valentines if there are still classes who will be in person and having parties) or for you to print for your own children to have something on Valentines Day in case they don’t get to exchange them with friends. It’s $3 for the printable and you get to print to your hearts desire.

They also have super cute cactus bracelets on Amazon you can buy in bulk that would be so cute with these. Or cactus pencils, tattoos, pens…the options are endless! If you have a child wanting to do these for just a few close friends or you want to do it for your grandchildren or children, I highly recommend these cute bags to be paired with the tag.

This next set is one of my favorites because our son, Parker, drew and colored Yoda. Not only did he do a great job but I love the hand drawn look you get with these.

“Yoda best” also has so many great item you can match with it. Star Wars fruit snacks, pencils, pencils, glow sticks…the list could go on.

This next item is one of my personal favorites. This set comes with 14 mini cards. Now there are a few ways to use this. You can split them on Valentine’s Day to give to your children or my personal favorite, you give one card each day to your child starting on February 1st through February 14th. It’s like a little advent calendar count down but with a twist. Imagine your cute little one waking up each morning searching around wondering when and where their next card will pop up. Each card is blank inside so you can leave a little note for them saying why this card applies to them.

And a few individual pictures of some of the cards:

We have a few more items coming soon that I will share as soon as I can! Follow us on Instagram and favorite our page on Etsy! Leave us a comment and let us know what YOUR family loves to do for Valentine’s Day and follow us on Instagram to see what we’re up to you. Thank you for your support and love and I hope to get to know YOU as well.


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