If there is one thing you could change about the world what would it be?  What is that thing that you are SO passionate about that you want to try everything you can to make a difference in that area?  For some, it may be a healthier planet, for some it’s healthier people on the planet.  Some of you are passionate about making people more beautiful or confident in their skin and others want to help people beautify their homes.  Me?  I want to help people be able to see another side of things.  I want people to know that they can see, or hear, someone else’s point of view and by doing so, it doesn’t mean you agree with them, but you are allowing them to be heard, you are giving them the opportunity to have a voice, and we all want to be heard.  Maybe you will discover a new way of looking at things, or at least be more sympathetic of where they are coming from. 

Everyone has different priorities, different talents, opinions, ways of parenting, ways of practicing religion, ways to clean, keep sane, eat healthy……everything in life has different ways you can go about it and we can learn SO much from each other when we are open to others’ ideas.  

I want to create a space where people feel they can come and get a great recipe, a tip on parenting, or cleaning, or have a good laugh…..JUDGE FREE.  One day might be a post on “clean eating” and the next might be about how much I love Dr Pepper.  Why do we have to focus on ONE way of doing things?  Shouldn’t we instead be seeking for more balance?  I LOVE following a lot of different blogs and Instagram users…some post healthy recipes, others focus on sweet treats.  Some post about ways to raise your children without yelling and others talk about how challenging parenting can be and how we all LOSE it now and then, and know what?  I love all of them because they all have valid points.  They all have SOMETHING I can take from them.   

I really hope I can create a space full of ideas, and viewpoints, and inspiration where you can take something from it too.  Please leave comments with other viewpoints, other ideas of ways to go about whatever the topic is and PLEASE be considerate of everyones’ opinions.  Really when it comes down to it most of us have the same goal in life: get through life happy and making a difference for good.  Lets support each other as we try to make that difference.



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