5 Things To Do With Your Kids Before Summer Break Ends

Summer was fun with these kiddos but now school is about to be back in session (in less than TWO weeks here in CUSD), so end your summer on a high note by doing these 5 activities {or just choose a couple} that will get you having some fun with your kids before sending them back to the classroom. 

  1. have a water fight…water balloons, squirt bottles, water guns, hoses…use what you got!  parents against kids is always the best in my opinion. 
  2. movie night @ home…complete with popcorn, blankets (we use sheets because there is nothing better than a blanket with a movie but we live in AZ so no one wants a warm blanket on them), candy, lights out and phones put away
  3. write out your goals for the next school year.  we have each of our kids choose 2 things they want to work on that school year.  we don’t want to overwhelm them 🙂
  4. game night. each kid picks 1 game and we play 1 round of each game.  if it’s still early enough after that, see if you and hubs can sneak away for a bit while they’re entertained for some one on one time.
  5. ice cream bar.  pull out all the toppings for one last big celebration of summer.  

Most importantly enjoy your time with them no matter what you’re doing.  May we all have the patience to make the most of these last couple weeks.  We. Can. DO THIS!!! 

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