Dallas Texas

We didn’t spend much time in Dallas but during the little amount of time we had there I knew I wanted to check out the Dallas Arboretum and I’m glad we did because it did not disappoint! There really isn’t even much to say other than it is gorgeous and you could spend hours in there taking your time. We went a bit faster than we would’ve liked but we were NOT prepared for the weather and were freezing. 2 things to keep in mind while you scroll through the pics: 1. I am not a photographer so imagine everything being prettier because these pictures don’t do it justice and 2. you have to remember we went in MARCH. I can only imagine how much better this place would be in the spring, summer and fall. Just coming out of the winter, there was definitely a fair share of bare trees and it was STILL gorgeous.

waterfall into a koi pond and this super cool cave you could walk through. it was magical
my favorite statue in the whole botanical garden
the kids’ favorite statue 🙂
kids had fun exploring in this magnolia tree after this pic, it’s like a whole new world under there

The bare trees and stormy sky just added a moodiness to the place that I found beautiful in and of itself.

I know this is a bad quality picture from my daughter’s much older phone but I had to include it so you can see how beautiful the surrounding area is just outside of the gardens. That is White Rock Lake in the background there.

I would love to come back here in the fall sometime. SO much beauty!

After exploring the botanical garden for just under 2 hours we headed to dinner. As usual we wanted to stick to a place that is well known in that area but not something we would eat here in AZ and that’s how we discovered Street’s Fine Chicken.

We loved everything about this place. The atmosphere, the menu, the FOOD, the drinks…it all got high scores from us.

Everything about the green beans, biscuit and chicken fried steak seen on this plate were AMAZING. Kids got chicken sandwiches, roasted chicken on the bone, chicken strips and chicken salad sandwich and everyone loved what they ordered. Highly recommend this place!

Now after such an amazing afternoon in Dallas and some amazing southern food it was disappointing to end our time there with our car being broken into. Two thumbs way down. Next time we’ll be looking for a hotel with better parking lot security. With that being said, we’re not giving up on you, Texas. We’ll be back! 🙂


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