expanding our homestead

It’s been two weeks since we picked up our chickens and we are super excited about it! As if we don’t have enough on our plates with gardens, homeschool, extracurricular activities, home renovations and callings in our church we figured why not add one more thing. 🙂

It didn’t take a long to understand why people talk about “chicken math”. These little cuties are so fun and entertaining not to mention how stinking cute they are!

They do really smell though, that part is less fun. It will all pay off though! Everyone in the family got to name one so here was our final choices:

Taylor lost interest in them pretty quickly but the dogs are still super curious. With that being said, they have never done anything alarming; they just look into their cage and hold perfectly still. When we have them on our lap or holding them down for the dogs to see they come lay right next to us and smell without getting too close. Don’t get me wrong, they are not ready to be trusted with them but it’s a better start than I thought it would be

I don’t have any updated photos yet but they have gotten SO big already in TWO weeks! It’s crazy! They don’t snuggle in our hands as much as they use to but we enjoyed it while it lasted:

Roxie is still the most friendly and most of them still tolerate being held and if you put them down by you they’ll come climb on you. I am really excited to start getting them out of their cage more and give them a safe place in the backyard for a little bit each day. Heaven knows they’re not going to get too cold in our weather. 😉

I’ll have to post pics of their new home as soon as we have it finished, and updated pics of how big they are getting. We know we still have a lot to learn as we go on this journey but we’re so excited for this new adventure. As we continue to expand our little homestead with chickens and gardens and become more self sufficient we are filled with gratitude for the freedoms we have to live our life this way. We sure are blessed!

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