Meteor Crater

After learning all about outer space we decided to take a field trip to Winslow, AZ to check out the Meteor Crater and it was SO cool.

There is a few things to do while there that are fun and educational. First, you can check out the Apollo test capsule.

Snap a picture with the astronaut.

Check out the discovery center aka museum which is full of amazing facts, pictures, hands on exploration, videos, a short, informative movie and more. It’s not a huge museum but there is so much to explore and play with and learn in there that expect to spend majority of your time there.

This video was not only fascinating but it blew air at your when the meteor hit so you felt like you were there watching it.
They no longer let you hike to the bottom of the crater anymore but if you could this would be your view
Some of the hands on interactions/learning going down

The first glimpse of the crater that they got. By this point, you are about halfway through the museum and we thought they might want to rush through the rest of the museum to get outside to get better views of the crater but they were quickly distracted again by the videos of meteors hitting Jupiter and when a meteor hit Russia in 2013 that we still spent at least another 20 -30 minutes going through the rest of the museum.

When we finally made it outside to view the crater it did not disappoint. There are a couple of viewpoints to go to that give you different views of the crater and all of them have their own pros and non of them had cons.

This is looking through one of the viewfinders into the crater. If you look carefully just below the center of the picture you can see a whole in the ground with a chainlink fence laid over it. This is where a mine is that they dug to look for some of the buried pieces of meteorite . They had several viewfinders pointing to different areas of the crater with a little plaque that explains what you’re seeing when you look through that one.

There was also an option of taking a 30 minute “rim tour”. A 15 minute walk out 1/4 mile and then 15 minutes walk back all with a guide giving you facts galore and answering any questions you have. Very informative. Bring water if you go during the summer months because it is HOT. The tour is included in the price of the ticket.

If you are worried about Covid you should know that they had people sanitizing constantly and everyone was wearing masks the whole time. If you have a child interested in space, they will love this site. Shoot, if YOU love space you will love this trip, my husband and I loved it as much as the kids for sure! Everything I talked about in this post is included in the basic price, we found it to definitely be worth the money we spent.

On our way home we stopped by the Twin Arrows we saw on the side of the freeway on our way to the Meteor Crater. Curiosity got the best of us. It is literally nothing more than two GIANT arrows in the ground but it was worth the stop for some quick fun pictures.

If you go check out the Meteor Crater OR the Twin Arrows, let me know what you think! I really hope you love it as much as we did.


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