Coin Date

Sometimes you just need to mix things up a bit. This date idea is perfect if you don’t want to spend more money but we you want a slight variation on your usual date. No more going to the same restaurant every date night! All you need is a coin and a willingness to take a chance on luck.

First, choose a number between 10-20 (may be more or less depending on your area but point is, choose and number and stick to it). Once you get to the outside of your neighborhood start the game. Flip the coin every time you come to a red light, stop sign (only ones that don’t turn into a neighborhood) or “t” in the road…HEADS you turn right, TAILS you turn left.

Your first turn out of your neighborhood is ONE and you keep counting with each turn you make. Once you hit the final number you chose at the beginning you look around where you are and choose the nearest restaurant and that is where you eat! We had a handful of places around us where we ended, so we flipped one last time and that determined whether we chose a place on our right or our left.

We knew there were restaurants in this area but we rarely, if ever ate there. Just out of habit we always head to the same places so this got us out of our routine. We knew when we started that we wanted to try a new place so even thought this parking lot had a two places to eat that we knew we liked we ate at Koi Poke to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and it was SO WORTH IT!

Next time we are going to do a slight variation, and rather than waiting until we hit a stop sign or red light we are going to flip the coin every time we come up to a light, no matter the color it is, we will flip the coin and HEADS will be go straight and TAILS will be make a turn. So, if we get a TAIL we have to hurry and flip again to know whether to turn right or left. I’m sure there are even more variations of this you could come up with so have fun with it!

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