Sunday Activities

Our kids are good about treating the sabbath day different from the rest of the week. They don’t ask to do activities they know we avoid on Sundays, they have a great attitude and enjoy their day. With that being said, we felt like we could all use a sabbath day revamp. Something that would really help us refocus on what is more important and use the day to our greatest advantage. Enter our new Sunday Activities program.

Each Sunday they have to do at least 3 things on the “Top Priority” list before moving on to the “2nd Best” side. They can choose to take their time or do the bare minimum, totally up to them. Once they are on the “2nd Best” side we ask them to do at least 4 things. We are hoping this encourages them to broaden their horizons and work on developing new talents.

We’ve only done this one Sunday so far but it was a very successful first attempt. We spent even more time together as a family and the Spirit was extra strong as we continued to stay focused on what is most important throughout the day. I’ll have to do an update in the months to come on how this pans out long term.

Here is a downloadable version if you want to print it for your family. Or come up with your own “Top Priorities” and “2nd Best” activities based on your family’s wants/needs.

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