Health Challenge for Kids

I am currently doing a health challenge with a group of friends and our older kids wanted to join in. There were a few items on my list that simply wouldn’t apply to kids so I made a few adjustments and came up with a kid friendly version.

For those that don’t know how these challenges work: The top 6 items are everyday items, they are the most important ones that we encouraged the kids to hit every single day. The 1-6 under “BONUS” is more of the optional items but the more you do the better your odds because at the end of every day you roll the dice and whatever number it lands on is that days BONUS. So, if you did it, you get the bonus point! We have the kids doing this challenge Monday – Friday for 5 weeks.

Yes, we are hoping the kids pick up some healthier habits from doing this BUT perhaps more importantly I hope they learn to find moderation. We have been very big on stressing to the kids that this is NOT about perfection. Some days you may get all 7 possible points, one day you may only get 5 but the goal is to be making improvements and finding moderation.

The kids have had some amazing insights so far (they are on week 3 right now) that makes me hopeful that this is working! Some of their comments that have made us happy:

“I don’t miss sweets as much as I thought I would”
“I didn’t even drink soda on the weekend even though I could because I didn’t even want it”
“I haven’t had any headaches, I think it’s from drinking water like you always say” (this was perhaps one of my personal favorite comments #momisrightagain 😉)
“I thought no technology was going to be the hardest but I actually had a lot of fun just playing all day”

We mix Bonus #6 up every other week. Some weeks it is NO TECH and some weeks it is HELP WITH DINNER and by help with dinner I mean I stand there if they have questions with the recipe or need me to walk them through a part but they do majority of it. It’s awesome!

This is after week 1. I had forgot to add number 6 then so that’s why you see it squeezed in there. I could have printed one tracker for each kid but decided to save trees and squeeze them all in one. 🌳

If you are interested in doing this with your kids I have a printable version below and if you have any questions leave a comment and I will get back to you ASAP. Here’s to healthier choices, living with intent, and finding moderation in all things! 👊🏼

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