Paw Patrol Party!

Z turned 6 recently and she was excited to have a Paw Patrol party; as it turns out it is very easy and fun to throw a Paw Patrol themed party!

Lets start with decorations…my favorite! I got these super cute masks for T’s birthday earlier this year and then we used them at the party. The plan was to let the kids each take one home but I forgot to fill the older kids and and hubby in on that and they ended taking them back from the kids. oops! 🙂 We definitely have gotten amazing use out of them over the last 3 months and they are still used regularly. I love the paw print table cloth too, always a favorite of mine when we can stick with the theme without being overboard PAW PATROL everything, does that make sense?

Dollar Tree dog bowls were the perfect way to serve up all of the goodies. I made dog bone tags/labels and printed on them on this brown paper I had although any color would work great! I checked with the parents ahead of time to make sure there was no peanut allergies so that our “puppy chow” could be Muddy Buddies. However, if there is an allergy to account for, you could go with another Chex Mix combo instead. Download the free bone tag printable below.

Next up, cupcakes! I wanted to keep it simple this time so we stuck with the paw print theme using large and mini marshmallows. I usually always make homemade frosting on a from the box cake but this time I did box cake AND canned frosting and per the usual, the kids didn’t care 😁

Of course what is a party without games?! We started off the party outside waiting for everyone to arrive and practicing our aim just like Chase. We used this bow and arrow set and didn’t have to worry about injuries.

While we were outside playing mean Mayor Humdinger came and stole all of Z’s presents her friends had brought! We went and alerted the kids so they could come in and help us solve the problem. They found some kitten prints left leading outside. Once outside the prints stopped but lucky for us, Farmer Yumi was in the garden (played by Z’s big sister, C) and let us know she saw cats running into our garage. They ran into the garage to find some prints on our car and then leading back into the house….you can see where we went with this. Around they ran following the prints until it lead them to the closet under the stairs where Mayor Humdinger and his cats stashed them before escaping!

Following that adventure we played freeze dance using the Paw Patrol album found on Spotify and we played Bingo which I found HERE. I’m not posting pictures from all of our games for privacy reasons but they did take up majority of our time and the kids had a blast!

After we were done with games we ate “pupperoni pizza” bites and all the goodies and snacks that were out on display. I had some larger solid color plates they could put their food and snacks on and then these cute dessert plates for their treats.

We {almost} always end parties with a goodie bag and this party was no exception. I got fruit snacks and Paw Patrol party packs at Walmart (the party pack was a mini coloring/activity book that I figured would be great for parents to throw into their church activity bags 🤞🏼) we also made “pupcorn” by taking plain popcorn and pouring melted white chocolate over it, adding some fun balloon shaped sprinkles and mixing it all up. This was served during dinner too so they were all very excited to see that they got to take some home too! The “pupcorn” tags are part of the download found previously in this post.

All in all the party was a success! I’m loving these last few years of having these fun themed parties before I know they will inevitably come to an end. It’s always so magical to watch their faces light up as they see it all come together and watch them make such great memories with their friends as they enjoy the magical parts of being a KID!

Have fun!


(all Amazon links are affiliate links. I only post items I have used personally and recommend based on how I enjoyed the product. Thank you for helping us out and I hope you enjoy the items as much as we did!)

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