Easy art project w/kids

We have been learning about the oceans and continents for the 2nd half of this year and I LOVE the curriculum we have been using. You can find it HERE. As we studied Africa they had this fun art project that we had so much fun doing and loved the results. I obviously can’t share the printouts you get in the curriculum but I figured I can share the general idea. (trust me though, if you are going to teach your children about the continents, you want to use this packet, it’s so worth it!)

First part is the best part. Get some watercolor paper and some watercolors and paint a sunset. Some of our kids chose to also have some grass or rocks as well which I love. Set it to the side and let it dry while you get started on the next part.

If you google “animal silhouette” or “animal outline” and you can find a bunch of options. Print animal(s) of your choice and cut them out so you can use it as a template. Use a white crayon or some chalk pencils to trace your animal onto some black paper. (If you have the ink to just print an animal silhouette you obviously get to skip this step)

Once your painting is dry completely glue your silhouette(s) onto your paper and enjoy! We just love how these turned out and it was the perfect way to end our Africa adventure (aka lesson)!


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