Star Student

One thing I knew we would take from public school and incorporate into our homeschool was star student. Who doesn’t love feeling special and singled out in such a positive way? Since we only have 3 kids we are doing homeschool with they got to be star student for a whole quarter. They have something special we do each week and they get the occasional candy with a little card on it which is always a surprise. For example, we may randomly leave a pack of EXTRA gum on their desk with a little note that says something cheesy like, “We think you’re EXTRA special!”

Here is a copy of the weekly items we do if you want to print it. I write in the ribbon the name of the current student of the quarter.

We use THIS poster for week 1 and since it came with so many we’ll be using these for a few years. I’m excited to see how much their answers change over the years for the same questions. With that being said, THIS one is cheaper and also looks like a fun one. There are a ton of awesome ones on Teachers Pay Teachers as well as THIS fun one from Oriental Trading.

Each year my husband makes a video for our kiddos on their birthdays of pics of them from the previous year so for week 6 we watch each of the videos for the start student. That may need to be changed for your household 🙂

One of the weeks the kids get the MOST excited about is the last week when they get their star student book. Each family member writes a page for the star student saying some things they appreciate about them, then as a family we fill our our top “10 Reason We Love You” and there is always a cover page and closing page that is designed specifically for each child.

Here is the printable version of the 10 Reasons We Love You if you are interested

Parker was our most recent student of the quarter and since he is obsessed with all things Star Wars this was his closing page of his book

Here is the file if you want to print it:

Tyson really outdid himself with Parker’s cover. Now we have to get as clever and fun with all the kids next year.

I’m noticing I tend to end most of my post the same way but it really is how I feel…friendly reminder that above all else it’s all about having fun and making memories so it doesn’t have to be perfect, just have fun with it!


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