sewing class – basics

The kids have been DYING to do sewing with the machine since “school” started in July and this past week their wish finally came true. First up was learning the basics of the machine. How to set it up, thread it and basics of using it. That didn’t take long so we moved on to our project…pillowcases. We followed the tutorial by Mary Martha Mama. There was one part she does differently than I have ever seen before but her directions were easy to follow and it worked out great, so I now know a new approach to making a pillowcase!

Zoey isn’t quite ready for the machine yet but she still got to pick out some material and I used hers as our example. We would read the directions, they would follow it piece it together for me and then I would do the actual sewing with hers so I could show them what to do. Then when it came time for them to do their pillows they could do it all with very little input from me.

When it was Parker and Andi’s turn, I had them stay close by as they worked on theirs. Parker would do a step and then Andi would, Parker would do the next step, and then Andi would. This allowed them to learn from each other’s mistakes and successes and meant I wasn’t repeating my tips and tricks as many times.

Their finished products!

Rylee and I worked on hers later that night and I helped with the ironing at times and she had a more simplified lesson but she still did all of the machine work herself.

I had saved this project for this time of year thinking it would be fun for them to get cute valentines day themed material but all of them choice differently. Oh well, they LOVED what they picked and that’s what it was all about. I’m super impressed with their ability to sew a straight line and they only jammed up my machine once so…HOORAY! I think they are ready for the next step which is pajama pants, then they will have to follow an actual pattern. Wish us luck, I’m not great with patterns myself so this might get interesting. 😂

If you are wanting to do a very basic sewing project for your kids, grandkids, class or for yourself, this is a great place to start so go check out Mary Martha Mama today!


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