taste test – cotton candy

If you are looking for something fun to do this Valentine’s Day that will take little to no work on your part, look no further. Cotton candy tasting!

We love good taste test in our house and even more so when it involves a childhood classic like cotton candy. We found this pack at Walmart recently, it came with 6 flavors: grape, lemon, watermelon, orange, cherry berry and blue raz. I’m not sure how long it will be there but I did find a similar option on Amazon that comes with five flavor options so if your Walmart is no longer carry the above option or if you just don’t want to drive to the store to pick it up, there is a deliverable option!

We each went at it tasting each of them. Then we decided to add some to some sparkling water we had to see how we liked that because, why not? Then it was time to put them in order from greatest to least.

Andi’s favorite was the watermelon, least favorite was grape
Parker’s favorite: orange. Least favorite: blue raz
Cam’s (and my) favorite: lemon. Least: blue raz

We went into the tasting thinking we would all hate the orange and grape and love the blue raz but Andi was the only one who liked blue raz and orange surprised us all and ended up actually being really good. It was VERY closely behind the other three before it. Everyone’s favorite was an easy one for them though, same with their least, they would quickly decide those two and then struggle to put the rest in order. The only person to really not like the lemon was Rylee (not pictured) but everyone else loved it which isn’t too big of a surprise since we are all fans of lemon desserts.

I’m seriously considering winning some cool mom points and getting a cotton candy maker. You can even use your favorite hard candy to create flavors! Now to go plan a party that will make this purchase a necessity ☺️


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