DIY Pumpkins

The best thing about these pumpkins are you don’t have to store them after the holidays. You can just undo them, put the supplies away, put the toilet paper on your toilet paper holder and save space in your storage area!

You will need fabric (I bought the Waverly fat quarters from Walmart that are 18″x21″), toilet paper rolls, leaves if you have any (I took some out of a bouquet that I had which didn’t miss the the 3 leaves I took) and something for the stem, you can probably find something in your yard but I used these table number holders turned upside down. I love when there are multiple uses for a product!

Lay your fabric out flat, print side down. Next, unravel the toilet paper just a little and then wrap around again but don’t let it lay flat.

Tuck the toilet paper into itself when you are done and then set it down in the middle of the fabric.

Side note, you don’t need the fabric to be ironed because next you are going to pick up one corner and bunch it together before tucking it into the middle.

Make sure you really push the fabric into the center, use a pencil if needed to get it in there good. Once the fabric is bunched and tucked all the way around you add the leaf and stem.

Then you are done!

Once I put them in their designated spot (after this picture) I realized there was an area where one was sticking out more than I wanted. You can see it on the right of the orange one. So I took the stem out, re-tucked a little tighter and then put the stem back. I didn’t re-take the photo but you get the idea.

I am SO excited for fall, it really is my favorite season, and decorating always gets me in the best mood. Happy fall, ya’ll!

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