Summer Fun

Summer can be overwhelming with kids. You want to make sure they have fun but you also don’t want them to think they have to be entertained at all times. The following is how I have learned to have a blast with kids, love having them home for the summer and not get overwhelmed.

To keep things organized this summer, especially during my recovery from a hysterectomy, we decided to implement a little bit of structure into our summer plans. I knew I didn’t want it to be too structured because that drives my hippie soul crazy so we came up with a theme or each day of the week. Make it Monday (arts and crafts), Tasty Tuesday (trying a variety of recipes), Water Wednesday (pretty self explanatory), Thoughtful Thursday (this is much less structured but I do check in with them on Thursdays to hear what they’re doing, and Fun Friday (which is actually science experiments because, well, those are fun).

So far this has worked out great for us. The kids are excited each morning to look at the list for the day and decide which one we’re going to do that day. Sometimes we have these done in 15 minutes and other times it takes us a couple of hours but either way, it feels great to have done something fun with your kids and then send them on their way to entertain themselves.

I had everything bought, sorted, organized and stored before summer break started. It was a lot of work to get this all together the final week of school but it was well worth it. If you are having a baby soon, surgery or going into a busy time with work I highly suggest doing all this prep work. No matter what they choose for that day, I know I have it on hand and can take some time to grab it out and get them started OR I know that whoever I put in charge of doing that task with them will have everything they need right there.

As for how we spend the rest of our summer days, we stick to the above schedule. As usual, we have structure without too much structure. We put caps on their Lego time and technology time but there is A LOT of free time. We do our daily themed activity at some point during one of the free time slots, it differs from day to day. I rarely hear the kids say “I’m bored” because they know if they say that to me I will respond with “Go look at the Free Time Activity list”. 😋

Here are the documents ready to be printed. More than anything don’t forget to have fun and be willing to adapt to what works for your family. Summer really can be so much fun with kids, just don’t forget your job is not to entertain them at all times. It’s to provide them with fun here and there, teach them responsibility and give them the chance to be creative and independent. You’ve got this!

Jenny B

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