Family Hike – Signal Hill @ Saguaro National Park

A few weeks ago we went on a hike to get out of the house while still practicing social distancing. We heard the trails near us were pretty packed so we decided to try Signal Hill out in Saguaro National Park in Tucson, AZ. The hike did NOT disappointment. We did not have a ton of time to spend but we were able to see plenty with the time we did have. If we had been able to spend longer, we would’ve been able to spend hours more taking different trails or having eating a packed lunch at one of the many picnic areas.

We got to the trail around 11am on a beautiful sunny day in March and the weather was ideal. When you get to the bottom of the first path we took a left to head to Cactus Wren Trail.

I highly recommend this path if you have little kids. This trail is not as steep going up and takes you around beautiful scenery to Signal Hill, which path you can then take back down to the main path.

The above picture is heading up Cactus Wren Trail. See, easy peasy.

I know the desert isn’t for everyone but I definitely see the beauty when out here. 😍 We talked about seeing beauty everywhere we go, about how amazing cactus are and the kids practiced some yoga poses because the scenery “brings them peace”. 🙏

Once at Signal Hill not only can you take in the gorgeous scenery of flowers, blue skies and cacti but the rocks are full of hieroglyphics that are pretty fun to look out and attempt to read.

As great as all of the above was, our favorite part was seeing what we could find in the cactus. Remember as a kid, looking up at the sky during recess and trying to pick out shapes & pictures out of the clouds? Well we did that with the cactus. We found A LOT of Mickey Mouses and hearts, a few clouds and well, thats about it. Turns out it’s harder finding pictures in cactus compared to clouds. 😆 We got really excited about each Mickey Mouse and heart though. The above picture was the first heart that we found. (found by Cambryn…that girl is a master at finding beauty and creativity in everything).

Make sure if you go on this hike you bring water, there isn’t a ton of shade. It’s a great easy hike though and is exactly why the desert will always have a piece of my heart. 🌵💗 If you go on this hike, don’t forget to look for the hearts and at least one Mickey Mouse 😊

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