Covid-19 – a lesson in growth through tribulation

My dad was diagnosed with Covid-19 recently. This isn’t his first rodeo in being a statistic. He has had a rare form of cancer that is often found in children but he got it in his thirties. He survived a bloodclot a week before my wedding back in 2006. Last year, he was in the hospital, septic, and yet he pulled through. My dad is a fighter, but this doesn’t make the current diagnosis any easier. In fact, this is the hardest one to watch because that’s all we can do…watch from afar. There is no option of jumping in the car and driving down to help care for him because I have my own family to consider during this time too. We can’t send help over to the house because they need to be completely quarantined for at least the next 2 weeks, if not longer. There are SO many unknowns right now it makes my head spin thinking about it.

Yet through all the doubt, fear, worry, anxiety, sleepless nights and more worry and fear, I feel peace. It may only come in moments but it comes. There is also a lot of room for growth right now. This is yet another reminder that drawing closer to the Lord is the answer to finding peace. That through this trial we will be given opportunities to practice living our faith, be reminded of the importance of relying on the Lord and His greater plan, given more opportunities to cry out unto the Lord, learn to hold our loved ones closer and never take time with them for granted, a reminder to allow others to help in our times of need and probably even more lessons I’m not even aware of yet.

Beautiful things can come from trials. It doesn’t mean it will be easy, it is a TRIAL after all. It will be hard, and painful, and scary and a time full of tears and heartache and yearning for peace and answers but it will also be a time of growth, and moments of beauty, and peace and clarity. I’m anxious about the weeks to come but I’m also being reminded to slow down, take it day by day and look for those moments of beauty and growth along the way.

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