Homemade Pretzels

By “homemade” I mean, not bought as pretzels but not completely from scratch either…that’s my favorite kind of “homemade”. Cam and Andi wanted to do some cooking/baking and I figured this was a nice easy one to start with this break. The recipe is by Budget Savvy Diva found here.

You use store bought pizza dough. Roll it, shape it…

Soda bath, egg wash, salt, and bake. We also did a small batch of cinnamon sugar pretzel bites but I didn’t get a picture of those and although they were yummy, everyone loved the salt ones better anyway.

They had fun trying different shapes and sized.

These are honestly SO yummy and SO, SO easy.

There is a quick review of the recipe. If you want to give it a try and print the recipe here is the link again. Happy baking!

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