C & A Room

Ok, you are going to have to just forgive the poor quality pictures but until I hire a photographer to get decent pics you’re stuck with phone pics and with windows that always get crazy light, this is the best I have for now.

Also, Andi’s bedding does not match the room but when your daughter’s face lights up with excitement when she finds a space unicorn comforter you let go over your desire to have a perfectly decorated room so that she can have what she loves. This is me trying to convince myself I did the right thing 😉

We decided to go with a very light neutral color on the walls and the girls landed on Calm by Benjamin Moore (OC-22). We wanted a splash of color somewhere in the room and I convinced the girls to go against the norm and paint the shiplap wall a color. They chose Woodlawn Blue by Benjamin Moore (HC-147). I really do need to a get better pictures one day so ya’ll can see how beautiful these colors are they chose. Reminder, you can go to Home Depot and give them the name of a Benjamin Moore color and they can look up the formula, no need to have a sample on hand for them to color match. {high five to that technology!}

Now lets move on to the most important part of this post, the cost and reviews of what we did in their room. This corner of the room is by far the highlight of the space. A few months ago we decided to pull the books out of the play room and divide them amongst the kids’ rooms and so I knew that in each of their rooms we needed to include a place to at the very least store books, better yet, have a little reading nook if room permitted. Luckily in the girls room we could do both. And since they have bunk beds which makes it hard to just lay in bed and hang out, which is their favorite after school activity, we wanted to make sure there was comfy seating for both, especially Andi when she doesn’t want to have to climb up in her bed. I got the shelves and the swing on Amazon. The shelves came in a set of 2 as shown and the swing comes with just the swing so you need to account for the fact that you have to hang it yourself. We decided to go with chainlink and carabiners hanging from the anchors we put in the ceiling. All of the items were bought at Home Depot for around $24. (That brings the total of the swing to about $75) Both products have been awesome so far, no complaints. The shelves aren’t super deep but most chapter books do fit on their and the kids books they have in there (for reading to Taylor) we just lay against the wall so they look like they are being displayed which I like the look of so, they work for us.

Andi asked for “a golden light” for her birthday. She wanted a light next to the bed so she can read at night, I just love that kid! Anyway, guess where I found these gold sconces? You got it! AMAZON! I didn’t want a permanent fixture so these work perfectly for us. They are definitely bright enough and I think the quality is great for the price. The girls are loving being able to read in bed with the room light off and then just shut off their sconce when it’s time to go to bed. They feel so grown up. 🙂

Each girl has a small shelf next to their bed to hold just a couple items, just enough space to feel like they have a shelf that is their own for items of their own choice, but not big enough to turn into a clutter collector. The shelves I loved came in a 3 pack and they are all different sizes. Andi has the biggest because she is top bunk and doesn’t have anywhere else to store anything. Cambryn has the middle size since she can set a water bottle or book on the floor if needed and the smallest shelf is being used elsewhere in our house. This works for their room since they have bunkbeds and you can’t see the shelves next to each other. You would never know they had different sizes unless I pointed it out to you, which I did not due to the girls and I’m pretty sure they have no idea. Classic mom move.

We still need to add some pieces to the room. A large mirror and some cute framed pics of them together over the years are going to make their debut sometimes soon but for now, we’re happy with how it’s coming together. I love walking in their room and seeing them in their swing together giggling over their most recent inside joke or deep into their reading. It makes my mama heart happy. I love seeing how excited they are to show off their room to friends and hold their “sibling meetings” in there. It’s been a successful room makeover.

While we were busy at work in their bedroom they made this cute entrance to their room. I love seeing their creativity and them develop a love of decorating like their parents

Fun fact: these lanterns are from our wedding THIRTEEN years ago! How cool is that to have them now in the room of our oldest two?! The kids love to have sibling sleepovers in the girls’ room and stay up talking with just these lanterns on and I love to sneak a peek on them all in there making memories under those lights. We did not picture this is what life would be like 13 years later and that we would still have those lights and be putting them to use but man are we SO grateful for where life has taken us. It just makes my heart melt thinking about it.

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