Quarantine Succs

I miss my friends. I miss our girls night out, I miss the long chats sitting on the couch catching up while the kids play and I miss never hesitating to give a hug or inviting someone in. I wanted to do something to let them know that I’m thinking of them, and missing them, and hopefully give them a little something that will allow them to find some quiet time to themselves to grow during these challenging times.

Inside the goodie bags: a succulent, candle (that smells like clean laundry so they can pretend that it’s all done and they are all caught up 😊), matches, chocolate, the book The Power of Stillness (cannot recommend this book enough. LOVE it), and then of course a little card.

I wrapped the small box of matches because look how much cuter it is. πŸ€— If you do that, just don’t forget to not wrap it all the way around so you can still strike the match. Also, make sure you have the paper back a little ways from the scratch pad for extra safety.

Then it’s just a matter putting it all together. I can’t get enough of using the tiny clothes pins to hang your card (or in this case, cards). Why are things just so much cuter when they are so tiny?!

I hope this little goodie bag helps some friends feel extra loved and special because they sure are! I can’t wait to get together soon and discuss the book, such a good read!

I hope everyone is getting through these times reprioritizing and appreciating all that we do have. I hope doing a little something special for some friends brings you as much relief and joy as it did for me!


Kindness Challenge

I LOVE that quote. Since I’m trying to live with more intention this year I figured one of the first places to start was thinking about the end…of life. Sounds dark, I know, but hear me out. Think about what you want people to say when you are gone. What do you want to be remembered for? For me, the first thing that came to mind, was wanting to be known as a genuine, kind person who helps others feel good about themselves. So if that is how I want it to end, what do I need to make sure I’m doing now to become that person?

Enter the 15 Day Kindness Challenge. 15 days of being very intentional about doing small acts of kindness that help you become a little less selfish and a little more selfless. If I can keep repeating these 15 days of intentionally thinking of others then I’m on the road to creating the legacy I want to leave behind.