Reading Bingo

As always I’m going to make this short and sweet and right to the point. We started playing a regular “Reading Bingo” to encourage the kids to read more when they get in slumps.

The best part is there is a bunch of ways to play. See who can get BINGO first, play until a blackout, give a set time and they have to see how many they can get done and whoever has the most wins, etc. Our reward always changes…a small treat, stay up an extra 30 minutes, dessert on a weekday, etc.

And there you have it. Hope it helps encourage your littles to read, too!

Sight Word Bingo

This is a fun game to get your preschool &/or kindergarten age kids to practice their sight words. Our little Zoey is just starting preschool so she needed a lot of help at the beginning but she is already starting to catch on. She loves feeling like she is doing “real homework” like her siblings.

Recite a sight word, have them look to see if they have it on their paper and then mark it if they do.

The following document has 3 different cards with sight words on it and then a list of site words for you to use to call them out. Here is an example of what the cards/sheets look like.

That’s it! Super simple, fun for kids and free for you! Happy learning, happy practicing!

Here is the free document to download!