Homemade Pretzels

By “homemade” I mean, not bought as pretzels but not completely from scratch either…that’s my favorite kind of “homemade”. Cam and Andi wanted to do some cooking/baking and I figured this was a nice easy one to start with this break. The recipe is by Budget Savvy Diva found here.

You use store bought pizza dough. Roll it, shape it…

Soda bath, egg wash, salt, and bake. We also did a small batch of cinnamon sugar pretzel bites but I didn’t get a picture of those and although they were yummy, everyone loved the salt ones better anyway.

They had fun trying different shapes and sized.

These are honestly SO yummy and SO, SO easy.

There is a quick review of the recipe. If you want to give it a try and print the recipe here is the link again. Happy baking!

What’s for dinner tonight?!

Every time my kids walk through the door I swear the first thing out of their mouth is, “What’s for dinner?” I can’t count how many times my immediate thought is, “Crap, I have to pick again?” I really do like cooking but for some reason I hate choosing what to cook. Weird? Just me? I don’t know, but in case you are the same way and you are dreading having to figure out what to cook, let alone something that everyone will eat, let me give you a suggestion:

If you have these ingredients on hand then you are in luck because I have a super easy, super yummy recipe to share with you from Dinner Then Dessert. Is there anything better than contemplating what to make for dinner, AGAIN, and then seeing someone post about what they are making for dinner and you get excited because you realize you have the ingredients for that too and now you don’t have to decide?! I hope that is happening for you RIGHT NOW. I pretty much always keep these ingredients on hand because there are so many recipes I can make with them but this is definitely one of our favorite. This Cheesy Taco Pasta is delicious and easy enough for my 11 year old to make it by herself which is always a bonus.

Here is to knowing what’s for dinner! {insert high five} What are your favorite “go to” meals?