bye bye roosters

Yep, two of our chickens turned out to be roosters. Well, 2 started crowing; still not sure if they were roosters or crowing chickens which turns out is a thing. Point is, we’re down to 6 chickens but guess what?! They started laying eggs so…YAY!!!!

The best part is we woke up Christmas Eve morning to our first egg. Could the timing be any better?! Also perfect: there was a smiley face on the egg. I mean, really, how fun is that?!

Part of why the chickens are doing so well probably has to do with the amazing living quarters they have thanks to Tyson and his epic builder skills :). For real though, he did such a good job building the coop and chicken run. It really is something awesome to come up with a plan, hand it to your husband and bam he makes it happen.

So the pretty ladies we still have: Roxie, Daisy, Potter, Clara, Summer and Rosie. They are so fun and entertaining and curious and we love them! We’re officially the weird chicken people and we’re ok with that. You’d be ok with it too if you ate the omelet I did this morning with their eggs 🙂

If you are thinking about chickens, do it! They are worth it and quite the adventure. We read this book before making the jump to chicken owners and I highly recommend it.