tic tac toe, x’s and o’s

I’ve been told you are either a game person or you aren’t. I come from a family where we played games regularly and I still love it to this day so I guess that makes me a game person. I love to try new games but there is just something about the classics that never get old. We play tic tac toe often whether we incorporate into a lesson on the whiteboard, in the sand with a kid who doesn’t want to play on the playground while at the park or just with classic paper and pen.

So you know I jumped on buying this cute wood set from Hobby Lobby when I found it. You can leave it wood or paint the x’s and o’s like we did. We went with classic Valentines Day colors to give it more of a hugs and kisses look.

I got the set and painted it about 3 weeks ago and we have been playing it every Sunday since.

They almost always turn into tournaments with the whole family.

This little cutie won for her first time (like legit won without us going easy on her) this last Sunday. She may have her occasional pouting sessions but overall she is such a great sport. A huge blessing that comes from regular play where you lose some and win some.

Go pick one up at Hobby Lobby today or whatever your local craft store is, I’m pretty sure they are at Michaels and Jo-Ann’s too!


I am always trying to come up with new ways for the kids to brush up on their multiplication and this is such a fun way to do just that. I read the problem and they have to think of what the answer is and then look for it on their card.

Flashcards are only fun for so long but can you really practice multiplication enough?! It just makes math so much easier in the long run when they know them so well. At first you may need to play slowly depending on the grade level but eventually you get to the point where you try to see how fast you can go through.

Attached is the document I made for us to play. It has 3 playing cards and the problems I used to make them.

This definitely makes me want to come up with some more games to practice multiplication because this was a huge success.

X’s & O’s

There’s nothing like a classic game with a fun twist to entertain your kids and give you a little break this summer. Cut out some X’s and O’s {even better if you can laminate them so they’ll last you awhile!) and then bust out some masking tape and tape a tic tac toe board onto the ground. There is something about tape on the floor that feels super special for these kiddos, kind of like they’re breaking rules but mom is encouraging it and our wannabe rebel kids love it. 🙂