Christmas decor is here!

We love this adorable 5ft yarn tree garland. Now available in our Etsy shop! It is time consuming to make but oh so worth it! I mean, how cute is that?!

This adorable Santa gnome garland is also available on our Etsy shop and made by our oldest daughter, Cam. SO cute and fun!

Last, but not least, in the Etsy shop is our wood nativity; a personal favorite!

We are looking forward to an amazing Christmas season and can’t wait to add more to our shop this season and the upcoming year! Stay tuned for big things to come, and as always, thank you for supporting our small business!


wood bead garland

NEW product in our Etsy shop today! This wood bead garland is the perfect finishing touch for your tiered tray, table tray display or bookshelf! Also pictured is a MINI PLANT I got off of Amazon and a sign I also got off of Amazon but that was back in 2019 and I can no longer find it. I did find THIS cute one though and I love it, so next time you see a picture of my tiered tray it will probably be there, just added it to my cart. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you have a great day!


valentines – a note to show you care

Real quick post to show our two newest valentines in our Etsy shop and remind you of our previous two as well!

“I’m so glad we’re in the same school” comes in two different sizes and you get BOTH when you make your $3 purchase. Then you get to choose which you prefer to print and can even test them out first if you’d like! The above is our larger print and below is the smaller. I used a bread bag for the larger one and then just trimmed the top. The smaller one I used a vase shape party bag and they fit perfectly in that round base. I added a picture of the bags below for reference, they were purchased at Walmart but I’m sure can be found at just about any store.

Next up is our valentine for your late 80s/early 90s friends…NKOTB “You are the WRITE stuff”. (please tell me I’m not the only one who sings “the right stuff” every. single. time I read “the write stuff”)

I know I already posted these but I’m going to show a pic again so you know what you’ll see at our shop if you head over! Next up is one designed and drawn by our son, Parker.

How cool does this look all lit up at night?! Imagine your child thinking what they got during the day time was all they were getting and then coming in their room at night and finding this waiting for them on their bed:

and last but not least:

We also had a set of 14 valentines available which may not come in time for your class valentines but if you are local to Gilbert they should get to you in time for Valentine’s Day for your kiddos. Either way check them out and maybe they will inspire you to make some of your own! These were made by our three oldest and me.

I hope everyone is having fun getting ready for a fun weekend of LOVE! Follow our blog, like our Etsy shop, and find us on Instagram and Pinterest to get more ideas of activities and treats for holidays, homeschool ideas, house renovations and a glimpse into our everyday life here at our homestead!


Valentine’s Day decor

If you haven’t been able to tell yet, I love Valentine’s Day. I really love a day (ok, we make it more of a month) of spoiling your loved ones, but I also REALLY love the decor. So we added more options to our Etsy shop.

I love our tiered tray and so we made a new piece for it this year. This cute mini 6.25″ x 6.25″ frame with felt garland will be the perfection addition to your tiered tray. If you are looking for a wood colored tiered tray I love this one.

I also love a good centerpiece for our dining room table. I already posted about our white wood box centerpiece and now there is a wood stain box available!

Mason jars (4) fit great in this box but if you are looking for some other bottle options I’m loving these.

We would love your support of our small business so if you know anyone who you think would like any of these products please share! Thanks!


Valentine’s Day decor

I seriously love Valentine’s Day. I love what the holiday celebrates, I love showering my family and friends with extra love and attention and I LOVE Valentine’s Day decorations. They’re just so pretty and cheerful and all my favorite colors. We have updated our Etsy shop with some more items including:

This particular sign was assisted by Andi who made the garland pieces to add to the wreaths

xoxo sign made with reclaimed wood and yarn wreaths with felt ball garland. $25
xoxo sign made with reclaimed wood and pink ombre yarn. $25

This wood table box is maybe my favorite item we have made so far. It is a perfect addition to add to any holiday centerpiece by adding candles or jars with floral arrangements. It can also be used at any picnic or food gathering to hold utensils, napkins, etc OR it can be used to hold school or art supplies. So many uses! And even more with your own creativity! $35

This box was painted by Cambryn. She, and Andi, will be paining all of our boxes sold

If you are interested in the jars above you can find them here. I LOVE them. They are great in this piece but also to hold juice at a brunch or do a punch tasting with kids on a hot summer day.

We have a wood stain box and one more fun decor piece for your tiered stand coming soon! We are going to regularly have pieces for tiered stands because I love them and highly recommend them. They can bring a little personalized touch to any entry table, kitchen table or counter and the pieces to decorate them are easy to store and switch out with each holiday. More info on how I do mine coming really soon! Here is the one I have. Can’t wait to keep the goods coming!

Etsy shop

Here are some of our items in, or coming soon, to our shop. Favorite our page to see when new products come in!

This sold out right after we put it up but I do have material to make a second one like this and I have some with a slight variation coming soon!

We have 2 printable valentines for you this year. Perfect if your children are still wanting to give valentines to some of their friends (or for class valentines if there are still classes who will be in person and having parties) or for you to print for your own children to have something on Valentines Day in case they don’t get to exchange them with friends. It’s $3 for the printable and you get to print to your hearts desire.

They also have super cute cactus bracelets on Amazon you can buy in bulk that would be so cute with these. Or cactus pencils, tattoos, pens…the options are endless! If you have a child wanting to do these for just a few close friends or you want to do it for your grandchildren or children, I highly recommend these cute bags to be paired with the tag.

This next set is one of my favorites because our son, Parker, drew and colored Yoda. Not only did he do a great job but I love the hand drawn look you get with these.

“Yoda best” also has so many great item you can match with it. Star Wars fruit snacks, pencils, pencils, glow sticks…the list could go on.

This next item is one of my personal favorites. This set comes with 14 mini cards. Now there are a few ways to use this. You can split them on Valentine’s Day to give to your children or my personal favorite, you give one card each day to your child starting on February 1st through February 14th. It’s like a little advent calendar count down but with a twist. Imagine your cute little one waking up each morning searching around wondering when and where their next card will pop up. Each card is blank inside so you can leave a little note for them saying why this card applies to them.

And a few individual pictures of some of the cards:

We have a few more items coming soon that I will share as soon as I can! Follow us on Instagram and favorite our page on Etsy! Leave us a comment and let us know what YOUR family loves to do for Valentine’s Day and follow us on Instagram to see what we’re up to you. Thank you for your support and love and I hope to get to know YOU as well.


Etsy shop up and running

So excited to finally have the Etsy shop up and running. A little late for the Christmas shopping crowd but it gives you an idea of what is to come. I posted on Instagram and got enough orders coming in from there that I haven’t really spread the word about the shop being opened until now.

Garland for different holidays will probably always be in shop. I love the simplicity of felt pom pom garland and yet it just adds that little touch to any space to spruce it up a bit and make it a little more festive.

This was definitely the biggest seller this season. Our nativity keeps it simple and yet helps us focus on the most important part of the season. Expect to see lots of wood projects on our Etsy site!

We will always have some tags and cards in stock. I love the touch a handmade card/tag adds to any gift. It makes it feel more personal and adds a little spice/style at the same time. Blank backs allow you to leave a little note or keep it simple with just a To: and From: added to the front.

Here is a link to check out all we have in stock. Keep coming back to check out what is new each holiday and season. I have some super cute Valentine’s Day decor coming soon!