Christmas Bingo

For those moments you need to have the kids be entertained with something for awhile so that you can finish cooking or cleaning I give you….Christmas Bingo!

All ages seem to like getting involved every time we have Bingo out so I figured why not have a Christmas themed one? And why not share it for FREE in case others could use a quick and easy solution to keep their kids occupied for awhile. This keeps our kids busy for quite some time because they seem to need to all take turns being the one picking the cards and you won’t hear me complain about it. 🙂

So here it is. Christmas Bingo!

3 sheets with variations and the pictures to cut out and draw. Have fun and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Making Christmas Memories

We love our advent calendar tradition and we do it to our best ability each year but let me start off by saying that we rarely, if ever, do every single one of these activities. We get close but there is tweaking and switching of days and combining of days/activities and even the occasional that simply slip through the cracks. It’s all about making wonderful memories, not about perfection.

This is our simple advent calendar. Each envelope has a paper in it with an activity to do for that day. This allows us to switch out the paper each year with either a new activity, get rid of the activities we didn’t enjoy as much, or to simply move them around to the dates that work best for us that year. Here is the list of activities/traditions we do:

  1. sort through toys & clothes to donate
  2. write letters to Santa
  3. attend a Christmas party
  4. make a Christmas craft – we began a new tradition of doing Christmas tie dye this year with the intentions of making a large Christmas tie dye blanket with all the shirts after our kids all leave the house, leaving us empty nesters
  5. watch a movie w/new Christmas socks – usually new fuzzy socks bought at $1 store
  6. lesson/discussion on the symbolism of Christmas
  7. make Christmas cards for grandparents
  8. snuggle and read Christmas books – we’ve collected quite the collection of the years
  9. decorate the Christmas tree
  10. pajama party
  11. red, green & white dinner
  12. drive around and look at Christmas lights
  13. read & discuss “The Empty Box” – I cry EVERY year as when I read this. My mom gave it to us years ago along with an empty box that is apart of our Christmas decor, reminding us of the beautiful story throughout the whole season
  14. decorate sugar cookies- to be honest I rarely make homemade sugar cookies. I usually use store bought sugar cookie dough and while they are baking we do make homemade icing/frosting
  15. make gifts/cards for teachers
  16. family game night
  17. do an act of service
  18. goodies to public servicemen – we usually do chips and salsa and drop them off for the local fire station(s) and police station(s)
  19. host Annual Ugly Sweater Jubilee
  20. buy groceries to donate
  21. deliver treats to friends/neighbors
  22. go out to eat and leave a larger than normal tip
  23. s’mores by the fire
  24. watch a hallmark movie as a family

Our advent calendar hangs in our dining room so that each night we can look up what the next day’s activity will be. Many of these traditions have been going on for over 10 years now and I hope the kids will remember them as some of their fondest Christmas memories!

Merry Christmas