Frozen Birthday Party!

I want to start this post by quickly explaining what type of birthday parties you will find on this blog. As a mother of 6, I throw a lot of parties. Some are bigger than others but what I have learned over the years is that the “middle tier” birthdays are the BEST! You are hear the explanation of “kids don’t care about their party, they just want friends and presents” and maybe that is true for some kids but I will respectfully disagree when it comes to my family. Our kids look back at their birthdays and although they were just as appreciative as the parties where we just had friends, pizza and a movie night, the parties that they talk about with childlike excitement and want to watch home videos from our the bigger parties. With all that being said, we have years its just not in the cards to do a big birthday, and we have years where we have fun with themes and make the most of it but I have definitely learned over the years that there is ALWAYS more you can do. Ways you can make it bigger and better and I just work hard to find the balance of making them fun, but they don’t have to be perfect and they don’t have to be extravagant. With that being said…here is our Frozen 2 (which is really just a Frozen) party.

They have some amazing cake ideas on Pinterest with Frozen themes but we went with cupcakes because I wasn’t about to not let my 5 year old blow out a candle but I was trying to be respectful of others’ fears of germs. We went with store bought chocolate cake mix, the BEST homemade vanilla frosting (which we dyed blue) and some white glitter sprinkles and THESE frozen cupcake toppers. Easy peasy but goes with the theme and had Zoey all heart eyes with her cupcake stand.

The night before her party, just as I was falling asleep mind you, I had the thought that snowflakes hanging down from the ceiling would look cute. So first thing the next morning I printed out 8 copies of a snowflake that I found online that looked it would be easy to cut out and I got to cutting. It would be super cute to make a bunch of unique snowflakes to hang but again….middle tier parties. 😉 In between the snowflakes the big girls made long blue ribbon curls to hang to mimic icicles. We’re pretty happy with how it turned out. Didn’t cost us any extra money and took us about half an hour to put together.

Next up…GAMES! I made some “snowballs” with white yarn (see pic below) and then we grabbed some buckets and put points on them and had the kids toss the snowballs in trying to be the one with the most points.

We also played the classic game of pin the nose on Olaf which I got HERE, She did a great job at making it easy to print, tape together, hang and play. THAT is a middle tier party 5 star find…it looks like I put in so much effort for my daughter’s party but really I got it FOR FREE and took minimal effort on my part. Thank you, The Purple Pumpkin Blog!

Last but not least we played Frozen 2 Bingo which I got from One Creative Mommy. Again, easy for me but SO cute and fun for kids. We used m&ms to cover our characters as we called them out because…yum!

Of course we can’t forget about the thing every kid looks forward to at a party…the goodie bag! I like getting our kids involved on this part and have them help put the bags together so they learn it’s actually not ALL about them, it’s about thanking our friends for another year of friendship as well! The tags for our “glacier juice” and the “do you want to build a snowman” tags I found HERE (her post has a lot of great stuff for a fun Frozen party so read all of it!) and “Thanks for coming” tags from HERE and the Frozen make a face stickers were another Amazon find of course, as were the Frozen temporary tattoos (not pictured).

In case you’re wondering about these bags…yes, you can indeed make a snowman(ish) with the kit. We put 3 regular size marshmallows, an orange regular M&M, 5 brown mini M&Ms (eyes and buttons), 2 mini pretzel sticks, 2 toothpicks to help hold together and 2 mini marshmallows for the feet. As you can see in my daughter attempting to put it together we actually needed to add more toothpicks to hold the feet in place. So if you’re really wanting to have them be able to make a snowman that’s a little more Olaf-ish you can make it 4 toothpicks.

Frozen funny faces

We bought plates, napkins, table cloths, goodie bags (I used the mini bags in the gift bag section) and balloons all from Walmart; including the big 5 balloon which she later wrote her hopes for the next year on and we set it free (all other balloons we popped and properly disposed over thanks to big fearless brother)

I struggled to get a picture of her with her eyes open because she too busy concentrating on her wish which I realized was actually adorable and I’m glad we captured that. I just love this little girls to pieces and can’t wait to see all she’s going to accomplish and learn this next year! Happy Birthday, Zoey dear!

Desert Themed Party

I have been wanting to do a cactus themed party for years but could never convince any of the kids….until this year! 🌵🙌 🌵 Our little Rylee Roo said she wanted me to throw a party of my choosing and she wanted it to be a surprise. I tested the waters a couple times with ideas just to make sure she was really on board for anything and she was. That’s my girl!

Of course we went with llama invitations because, well, they are adorable! I got these on Amazon. I liked that it came with so many so that I can also use them for Andi’s birthday this summer.

I LOVE a good goodie bag so I got started on those right away. I love using a white lunch sack so the kids can’t see through the bag, I can customize them for each party and it’s very cost effective. Wins all around. I printed the cactus from an image I found online and then added a little pun for fun. Finishing touch was adding their name tags that I made with paper that looks like chalkboard and then a white pen. I attached it with a cute tiny clothes pins because mini clothespins are adorable. Simple as that.

As for what was in the goodie bags. I made these cactus pretzels but they didn’t really turn out the way I had hoped. If you make these, make sure you have enough long white sprinkles, it definitely looks better. I used mine on the cake so I had to use some circular sprinkles and it doesn’t look as great.

I wrapped the cactus pretzels in clear goodie bags so they didn’t get messy. We also had some other goodies in there that I got from Amazon and Walmart. From Amazon, we got these cute cactus bags (I would use mine to hold pens in my purse personally but Rylee uses hers to hold her chapstick). They also had these fun bracelets and since it comes with so many I have enough for another party or two. Yay! They also had glow in the dark bracelets which I purchased at Walmart.

As for the decor, we kept it pretty simple. Well, minus the fringe wall in the dining room, that was time consuming! I made it with $1 table cloths ($6 total) so it was cheap and I got to catch up on some shows while making and hanging it but yeah, time consuming. I’ll say this, that fringe is staying up until our cinco de mayo party. If I ever do it again, I’ll use material I can reuse, such as fabric, so it’s a little more worth the time. I do love the way it looks!

We had some streamers and balloons up in the family room and some tissue balls hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen but I didn’t get pictures of those. Oops. We DID however get pictures of the balloons outside leading to the jacuzzi. Cheap, fun, easy, DIY cactus balloons. Green balloons, helium, some string, black sharpie and golf tees is all that is needed.

Saving perhaps the best for last….the cake. Not because I am a professional cake decorator because I don’t come close, but I do have fun with them and my kids thankfully just appreciate the effort. 🤗 I honestly planned this whole party after seeing a cactus cake and I just thought it was so fun!

I like to wrap the cookie sheet we put our cakes on when doing larger designs like this. Sometimes with a solid paper, other times a Happy Birthday theme and this time I was SO excited to use this llama paper I knew I had but was so bummed with I realized how little I had left. grrr! By the time I noticed it was too late to run back to Target and see if they still happen to have this in stock. Live and learn. (funny story: we used that llama paper when running out of Christmas paper on Christmas Eve…to make it seem Christmasy I made little bubbles coming from the llamas mouths having them saying things like “ho ho ho” Hahaha, parent mode, you do what it takes to get by 😆)

Ok, back to the important stuff. This product, Cake Release by Wilton is a GAME CHANGER. It was recommended to me by a friend after I told her that it seems to be a hit and miss on whether butter and flour helps my cakes release clean. It cost me $3 – $4 and you only need a really small amount so it will last a long time.

such a small amount is needed. it’s amazing.

That pan is after I dumped the cake. I had not washed it yet! For real, it came out THAT clean. It was amazing! If you need a really clean release for your cake decorating needs…this product is worth the 3 bucks!

So, at the beginning of the year I warned all the kids I was doing “very simple parties this year”. That’s not going according to plan. 😳 This was a step down from some of the parties I have thrown in the past though so, there is that. I know kids are just as happy with an overly simple party as they are with an over the top party but I just love throwing parties so they are going to keep getting the “right in the middle” parties for as long as they will let me. Keep following if you want to see more ideas for fun, cheap (as possible) party ideas. We have another one coming up in April and another in May. I’m excited! And I hope you’ll be along for the ride!