Tea Party for Tay

To be honest, I wasn’t planning on throwing a party for Taylor this year. I was thinking we could hold off for one more year before we starting throwing friend parties for her, but on her birthday she turned to me and said, “Mom, I CAN’T WAIT for my friends to come over for my birthday party” I knew I had to throw something together. So a week later we had a fun tea party for the birthday girl and she was IN HEAVEN.

The key to a fun party, in my opinion, is to keep it simple when it comes to games and activities and find a balance of “fun themed” and “kids just want cake and presents” when it comes to the decor. Are kids usually just fine with cake, presents and some friends over? Sure! And some years that’s what our kids’ parties look like. But there is nothing quite like the look of awe and excitement on your kid’s face when they come downstairs and we do the reveal of the decorated space for their party. And the excitement leading up to it as they watch you put things together for their upcoming day of celebrating them. I LOVE it! With that being said, no need to go over the top, because again, they just want their friends to come celebrate THEM for a day. Balance, right? Well…here is what my version of a balanced tea party looks like πŸ™‚

The first thing we did at the party was get all dolled up for the tea party. I provided these “fancy” hats for the girls to wear. I’ve seen the idea of having a table where they can decorate their hats with bows and flowers and such but in the face of trying to simplify things and with only a couple days until the party I decided to keep it simple and just have the hats plain.

The older girls also painted their nails, did the hair of those who didn’t want to wear a hat, and helped them pick out a dress they could put on. With 5 girls in our house we have PLENTY of dress up options so we just brought down all of our dress up buckets and saved spending any money there. If this is not the case for you, I suggest just recommending the party attendees come in fancier attire so your money can go towards other aspects of the party.

Of course the birthday girl had something unique waiting for her on her chair to add to her outfit. We’ve had this one for years and I’m pretty sure it’s from Walmart but here is another great option.

Once everyone was looking and feeling their best, it was time for our tea party to begin. Everyone sat down and we walked around serving everyone and making sure they were all feeling extra special.

All the items we walked around and served them. Fruit with an option of dip to go with it. This is our favorite fruit dip that we make and enjoy multiple times a year because…YUM! Always love an excuse to make it! We also offered 2 types of finger sandwiches: the traditional cucumber or Nutella. For the cucumber sandwich I kept it simple and bought a container of pre-made tzatziki and spread that on bread with some thinly sliced cucumbers and called it good. Here is a recipe for the more traditional way of making a cucumber sandwich. We also walked around with this adorable tea kettle to pour them their “tea” which was actually pink lemonade, birthday girls choice. πŸ™‚

I didn’t think twice when it came to buying that tea kettle; it’s adorable, it was the perfect touch to the party, and it’s practical because we’ll actually use it again. It also looks very cute on display on our dining room shelf in between uses.

Perhaps my favorite part of the party set up were these PERFECT disposable tea cup sets! We have gone through so many plastic tea set over the years with all of our girls and they end up lost, chewed on my dogs, or they outgrow them so fast because of how small they are. Our kids take after their father and are notorious for dropping glass so the real deal was out too. I was so excited when I found this cute paper option.

The kids did not care that they were not real. They were “clinking” their cups all throughout the meal, which I’m pretty sure is not actually done at tea time but they were loving it so we rolled with it, and feeling so fancy drinking with their pinky up and asking for refills.

Total win in my book! And I love that it came with plates, cups and napkins. I always have table cloths on hand so the decor for the party came together quick…win!

Birthday girl requested pink and yellow cupcakes. Big sister, Cam, whipped together a batch of our favorite vanilla frosting and when it was time to decorate the cupcakes we went with a simple flower to keep with the floral theme of the tea cup set. Our 14 year old and 11 year hold helped me decorate them and although they aren’t the fanciest we were very happy with how they turned out, and of course a bunch of 4-6 year olds didn’t care either. My favorite way to display cupcakes is always with a tier tray. This has been one of our most used Amazon purchases ever.

One other treat we had were chocolate dipped wafers which we dipped ourselves. We used tiny heart and flower molds we had on hand to make some cute chocolates to put around the table with the leftover chocolate after dipping. We also got a bag of Mystical Animal Crackers.

I bought two $7 bouquets at Walmart and split them between two vases to add the finishing touch to the table. All in all, super happy how this came together and am very thankful for Amazon prime which made a party thrown together so quickly possible.

The only game we had was Tea Party Bingo. I was hoping to find the Valentine’s Day m&ms for them to use as markers but apparently her party is a little too early in January, because although there was a lot of V-Day decor coming out I couldn’t find the m&ms. Oh well, small insignificant detail. Putting together this game BY FAR took the most time, but they had fun and I feel confident we will play this again with the girls so worth it. I made it super cheap on my Etsy page so you won’t have to spend that much time doing it yourself or pay $5-$7 for a game you’ll use potentially once. Hopefully it helps! If you have time for another game I highly recommend something simple like dance freeze. It’s free, kids get their energy out and you can make it as short or long as you’d like depending on the amount of time you have. We keep parties for 4-7 year olds around 1-1/2 hrs.

Last, but certainly not least, is the party favors. I don’t know why I love these so much, but party favors are always so fun to me. I love that it teaches your kids to do something nice for their friends as a thank you for coming and supporting and I love the excitement of each kid as they get to take something home. What can I say, my love languages are acts of kindness AND giving gifts πŸ™‚

As for what was in the bags, I got most of the items at Walmart. The smoothie chapsticks, mini bath bombs, candy necklace, squishies, ring pops, and fold up hair brushes were all from their. All but the ring pops were in the party favor/party section of Walmart. I should also mention that in the same section, they had this kit of hair extension clips, bracelets, rings and necklaces which we had at the dress up table and they got to wear those home too. Perhaps the best item in the bag though were these tea party bracelets that went SO perfectly with the theme.

If you too find cute mini bath bombs you want to add to your party favors here are some free tags if needed. What I found was individually wrapped but then came in a box of 4. So when I took them out of the box to put in the bags they had no label on them and I wanted to make sure they were clear on what they were. I know they don’t go perfectly with the theme but they were so cute and I felt it went with the whole fancy undertone of the party. I mean, a bath is a bath but a bath with a bath bomb is a fancy bath.

Here are the tags I made to tie onto their goodie bags.

I hope some of this is helpful. More than anything, I hope you have fun planning your little one’s special day. I love making these memories with our kids; making them feel special is one of the greatest gifts we can give them and no matter what you do, they will feel the love you have for them for putting it all together! Happy party planning!


Ps. Thank you for any purchases made from our links. The small amount we get back goes to keeping our homestead running, so thank you!

Paw Patrol Party!

Z turned 6 recently and she was excited to have a Paw Patrol party; as it turns out it is very easy and fun to throw a Paw Patrol themed party!

Lets start with decorations…my favorite! I got these super cute masks for T’s birthday earlier this year and then we used them at the party. The plan was to let the kids each take one home but I forgot to fill the older kids and and hubby in on that and they ended taking them back from the kids. oops! πŸ™‚ We definitely have gotten amazing use out of them over the last 3 months and they are still used regularly. I love the paw print table cloth too, always a favorite of mine when we can stick with the theme without being overboard PAW PATROL everything, does that make sense?

Dollar Tree dog bowls were the perfect way to serve up all of the goodies. I made dog bone tags/labels and printed on them on this brown paper I had although any color would work great! I checked with the parents ahead of time to make sure there was no peanut allergies so that our “puppy chow” could be Muddy Buddies. However, if there is an allergy to account for, you could go with another Chex Mix combo instead. Download the free bone tag printable below.

Next up, cupcakes! I wanted to keep it simple this time so we stuck with the paw print theme using large and mini marshmallows. I usually always make homemade frosting on a from the box cake but this time I did box cake AND canned frosting and per the usual, the kids didn’t care 😁

Of course what is a party without games?! We started off the party outside waiting for everyone to arrive and practicing our aim just like Chase. We used this bow and arrow set and didn’t have to worry about injuries.

While we were outside playing mean Mayor Humdinger came and stole all of Z’s presents her friends had brought! We went and alerted the kids so they could come in and help us solve the problem. They found some kitten prints left leading outside. Once outside the prints stopped but lucky for us, Farmer Yumi was in the garden (played by Z’s big sister, C) and let us know she saw cats running into our garage. They ran into the garage to find some prints on our car and then leading back into the house….you can see where we went with this. Around they ran following the prints until it lead them to the closet under the stairs where Mayor Humdinger and his cats stashed them before escaping!

Following that adventure we played freeze dance using the Paw Patrol album found on Spotify and we played Bingo which I found HERE. I’m not posting pictures from all of our games for privacy reasons but they did take up majority of our time and the kids had a blast!

After we were done with games we ate “pupperoni pizza” bites and all the goodies and snacks that were out on display. I had some larger solid color plates they could put their food and snacks on and then these cute dessert plates for their treats.

We {almost} always end parties with a goodie bag and this party was no exception. I got fruit snacks and Paw Patrol party packs at Walmart (the party pack was a mini coloring/activity book that I figured would be great for parents to throw into their church activity bags 🀞🏼) we also made “pupcorn” by taking plain popcorn and pouring melted white chocolate over it, adding some fun balloon shaped sprinkles and mixing it all up. This was served during dinner too so they were all very excited to see that they got to take some home too! The “pupcorn” tags are part of the download found previously in this post.

All in all the party was a success! I’m loving these last few years of having these fun themed parties before I know they will inevitably come to an end. It’s always so magical to watch their faces light up as they see it all come together and watch them make such great memories with their friends as they enjoy the magical parts of being a KID!

Have fun!


(all Amazon links are affiliate links. I only post items I have used personally and recommend based on how I enjoyed the product. Thank you for helping us out and I hope you enjoy the items as much as we did!)

Star Wars Party

Since we are in the middle of a house renovation I decided to make as little as possible for this party and support other small business owners instead. So here is how the party went and what we used!

We’ll start with the simple decor and goodie bags. Red and blue streamers from Walmart and I’ll attach the simple sign below. It may not be fancy but it does the job!

As for the goodie bags, I bought these favor bag printables and attached them to small white gift bags. Then I took black paper and used a gold metallic sharpie to write their names…and by names I mean their Star Wars name. So we purchased this printable to have them figure out their name and then find their tag/goodie bag.

As for what we put in the party favor bag: they each got this Lego set, a couple stickers from THIS set we bought, a water bottle with a tag from HERE on it (they also had one at dinner), and a bag of Jabba grubs (which is a snack bag of gummy worms that I used black paper and the metallic marker again to say “Jabba grubs” on it).

Above is the pic of the water bottle tags I posted about above. They’re perfect, are’t they?! I used THIS table cloth because it’s awesome and went well. Good quality too so if you are careful and wipe it down after you can reuse. We also used THESE awesome printables for our 2-liter sodas.

I’ve had these chalkboard signs for at least a year now and use them ALL the time. They are great because they can be wiped clean and reused countless times.

We had these Star Wars balloons on either side of the island as well as some in the room they ate in, some where he opened presents and some outside being held down with golf tees in the grass for them during their battle (which we’ll cover later).

The cake was a simple box cake with THIS frosting. I looked at a picture of the death star and went to it. It’s not my best work but it was clear what I was TRYING to achieve so I count it as a win πŸ™‚

I had to buy these forks when I found them. They’re the coolest forks ever. We had plenty leftover after the party to use them on May 4th as well so win/win. (and even more after that so they’ll last for next year too. Score!)

As for sign in the background I’ll give that to you for FREE. It’s not fancy but it works and it’s free so win/win.

I put a plain black table cloth on the wall, added the letters (cutting those out probably took the most time out of all of the party prep. It is a little time consuming but again, free) and called it good. This sign is reminding me that we also had our letter board that is on our entry table say, “10 years ago in a galaxy far away…”. I never did get a picture of it but it was a fun little touch.

It’s kind of cracking me up that I didn’t get a single picture of the birthday boy in any pictures but I did get this one of his little sister πŸ™‚ I bought tan material and some rope, measured the width of the shoulders of my son and of our daughter and started cutting. I honestly didn’t use a pattern or anything so I’m not going to be much help here but if you can wing it like I did, AWESOME! If not, Pinterest it, I’m sure someone has a pattern they have shared or measurements they can give to help you get an idea as to what to do. They don’t take long. I didn’t sew at all and yes, there is some fraying now (just over a month later) but I’m just fine with that. I was finishing these up just as the kids started to arrive for the party so they put them on right away and they went outside to start their Jedi training which started with making their own light sabers.

So I put my husband in charge of this part and I was reminded why I’ve never done that before πŸ™‚ He made them out of PVC pipe, pool noodles and black electric tape but we did have 3 injuries so if I could do it all again I would make sure to NOT have the PVC pipe go the whole length of the noodle. Major hand to palm here πŸ™‚ Oh well, boys had fun and live and learn.

After they finished making their light sabers they went to battle. When hit, you had to kneel and wait for someone on your team to bring you back to life. There was no real “winners” with how we played. We just played until it was time to move on to the next thing.

The next activity was all Parker’s idea. They had 20 minutes to build a Star Wars themed item and then they simply went around and showed what they had come up with. It was so simple but they had a blast and it was fun to see their creativity at work. After that we did pizza/eating, presents, cake and then they wanted to go back out to battle again until parents came home.

Clearly by my lack of photos of the party itself and the complete absence of the birthday boy all together we were busy having fun. Also, my brain was so on house projects still I was just glad he was having fun and then it was going to be behind us. Is that bad to admit? Either way, it’s the truth. Happy Birthday, buddy dude!

Yeehaw! It’s a cowgirl party!

Someone had a birthday and she was so excited to have the cowgirl party we had started to plan last year but then Covid had hit bringing the party planning to a halt. So this year we made it happen.

Up first: food. Pizza was our main course but we also had:

pretzels dipped in white chocolate melting wafers with green dye and green sprinkles
I just bought the store bought Rice Krispies and unwrapped and stacked. I had ambitions for homemade but then…who has time for that πŸ™‚
I used strips of handkerchiefs all throughout the decor
Pringle dipped in chocolate with a Rolo and Pull Twizzler rope on top. Only used a couple throughout cupcake stand because they were more work than I had anticipated and I had waited too long to start. So cute though and worth it
Cupcake toppers from HERE

Next up: decor. Links for items found underneath each picture.

Balloons were mostly from Walmart but I did get a pack of cow ones HERE I also got the handkerchiefs from Walmart except for the cow print which I bought two of from HERE
We already had THESE trays and I felt like they went great with theme but I think THESE would be perfect as well and you would have enough for a party and then some probably

Next up: games!

Balloons (from Walmart) held down with golf tees and shoot Nerf bullets at them
Ring toss. Some Coke bottles and Cream Soda bottles glued down on a piece of plywood and pool rings did the trick
Catching the bandit (aka dad). We got the lasso HERE
We also collected our hens’ eggs (aka plastic eggs) which they then got to add to their goodie bags

Last but not least: goodie bags!

Pretzels (we used GF due to a friend with allergies), m&ms, chex, PB chips and cake batter popcorn. Printable tags available at the bottom of the page
Funny face farm animals from HERE
Farm animal puffer balls from HERE
Bandana scrunchies from HERE
I put their goodies in a brown sack which I had wrote their names on and tied it with a strip of a bandana.

Below is a free printable for the “cowgirl trailmix”.

All in all the party was a huge success. We got Rylee a new jean jacket from Target and a cowgirl hat so she felt like a true cowgirl from dress to activities to her surroundings and it was so fun to see her light up all evening. As always, the most important part of any activity or party with your kids is to HAVE FUN and live in the moment. Great memories will be made no matter what, it doesn’t have to be perfect.