Lucky Leprechaun Scavenger Hunt

We love a good scavenger hunt, especially on St Patrick’s Day. Cambryn and I decided to have our leprechaun come early his year since we’re going to be gone on the 17th and we figured why not share it…for FREE! First, here are some pictures from our hunt and below each pic is a link to items I used or where I got it if there is no direct link. Only the last clue talks about a treat so the rest can be just a hunt trying to see/catch him or you can have a couple treats along the way if you choose. Not every location had a little something for us but there were a couple along the way.

The clue that lead to the largest bedroom of the house took them to our master where a pair of socks for each kid was hidden behind a pillow along with the next clue. Socks are from the $1/$3 section of Target.

Climbing on counters, looking in drawers and cabinets, under tables….no place was off limits with our leprechaun.

The bathroom had some St Patrick’s themed temporary tattoos from HERE which the kids immediately put on and then came downstairs to show them off.

So we didn’t catch him again this year but he did leave a final treat on the doorstep which was awfully nice of him ☺️. I got the mini pots of gold HERE and filled them with Rolos and rainbow M&Ms (Skittles would be super fun too!) I love how small they are, they don’t need a ton of candy every holiday but it was fun to have a little treat.

Here is the free scavenger hunt ready for you to print, cut and do.

Happy hunting! Have fun!


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Floating Ink Experiment

This is such a fun experiment for kids. Ok, maybe even I had a blast with this one. Part of what makes it so fun is that you aren’t just following directions, you do A LOT of experimenting with this one.

First we talked about the difference between dry erase markers, pens, pencils and permanent markers. Ink is liquid base so it seeps into porous paper where as pencil is graphite that sits on top which is why you can then erase it away. Glass isn’t porous which dry erase markers are meant to draw on, and dry erase markers (unlike wet erase markers) are alcohol based making it easy to wipe away.

Now for the experimenting. Some blogs talked about using ceramic, some plastic plates and some used glass. We chose to experiment with a 9×13 pan and a plastic plate bought at the dollar store. Although the plastic plate did work, our favorite was the 9×13 dish, both because of the glass and since it had higher sides it made it easier when pouring the water.

First up was the plastic dish. We used expo dry erase markers and drew different shapes, pictures and letters. Then you pour water on the plate (not directly on the art) and watch it slowly peel up off the plate and move around.

See how the heart and circle that were below the triangle and smiley face are now moving across the plate?! SO cool, right?! Something else we learned was the thickness of the lines you draw. If it’s too thin, it came up and immediately broke. If it’s too thick, it has a hard time coming up at all. The black rectangle is permanent marker to show the kids the difference between dry erase and permanent markers. We ALSO learned that the purple dry erase marker never worked as well as the black. I have no idea why that’s the case but it always struggled or wouldn’t even budge. We also used a blue one and it would sometimes come up but never as easily as the black.

We also had a fun time playing with blowing them around the water and picking them up. If you pick it up it turns into a small shriveled line and then when you put it back in and gently rock the dish back and forth it opens back up. Pretty neat!

I will say of all the shapes and drawings, the stick man is definitely the most successful. This was really a fun experiment with the kids. Trying different dishes, markers, colors, drawings, picking up, blowing the art around with a straw…it’s a true experiment and learning opportunity. Hope you have as much fun with it as we do.

Tape Art

I’m not sure what it is about kids and paint but they are obsessed and I’m THE COOLEST mom when I let them do it. Maybe it’s just our kids and maybe because I don’t let them do it all that often 🤔

We use canvas boards frequently with out arts and crafts so I buy them in bundles on Amazon so we are always stocked. Since we always have a house project we are working on, we also always have painters tape on hand as well. Some kids used the painters tape as is, some tore it in half to have some thinner pieces and some chunkier. Some did letters and then lines all around and some kept it simple. That is part of the fun of this craft, so many different ways of doing it and its fun to see their creativity flow and individual personalities come out in their art.

We had a couple different brands of paint we used. In the future I would pull out my nicer paints or even my chalk paints. You don’t need anything expensive but some of the super cheap paint we had on hand was a little too watery and it bled under the tape. Luckily the kids were good sports about it.

Don’t they look great?! The kids did such a good job playing around with different ideas and not trying to follow what the person next to them was doing and it shows in their finished products. I didn’t give them very many colors to choose from this go around yet they all look so unique.

They had fun and we made memories. THAT’S why I love doing these crafts with our kids….it’s not because it’s my job to entertain them but because the memories we make while doing them will last a lifetime. I sure love spending time with these crazy rascals!


Summer Fun

Summer can be overwhelming with kids. You want to make sure they have fun but you also don’t want them to think they have to be entertained at all times. The following is how I have learned to have a blast with kids, love having them home for the summer and not get overwhelmed.

To keep things organized this summer, especially during my recovery from a hysterectomy, we decided to implement a little bit of structure into our summer plans. I knew I didn’t want it to be too structured because that drives my hippie soul crazy so we came up with a theme or each day of the week. Make it Monday (arts and crafts), Tasty Tuesday (trying a variety of recipes), Water Wednesday (pretty self explanatory), Thoughtful Thursday (this is much less structured but I do check in with them on Thursdays to hear what they’re doing, and Fun Friday (which is actually science experiments because, well, those are fun).

So far this has worked out great for us. The kids are excited each morning to look at the list for the day and decide which one we’re going to do that day. Sometimes we have these done in 15 minutes and other times it takes us a couple of hours but either way, it feels great to have done something fun with your kids and then send them on their way to entertain themselves.

I had everything bought, sorted, organized and stored before summer break started. It was a lot of work to get this all together the final week of school but it was well worth it. If you are having a baby soon, surgery or going into a busy time with work I highly suggest doing all this prep work. No matter what they choose for that day, I know I have it on hand and can take some time to grab it out and get them started OR I know that whoever I put in charge of doing that task with them will have everything they need right there.

As for how we spend the rest of our summer days, we stick to the above schedule. As usual, we have structure without too much structure. We put caps on their Lego time and technology time but there is A LOT of free time. We do our daily themed activity at some point during one of the free time slots, it differs from day to day. I rarely hear the kids say “I’m bored” because they know if they say that to me I will respond with “Go look at the Free Time Activity list”. 😋

Here are the documents ready to be printed. More than anything don’t forget to have fun and be willing to adapt to what works for your family. Summer really can be so much fun with kids, just don’t forget your job is not to entertain them at all times. It’s to provide them with fun here and there, teach them responsibility and give them the chance to be creative and independent. You’ve got this!

Jenny B

Driving Scavenger Hunt

I’m gonna be honest, the hardest part of this quarantine has been never having a moment alone. Not really. Even when the kids are leaving you alone for a few minutes, or more accurate you have locked yourself in your room for a few minutes, you can still hear them and you’re wondering how long until they get to your door. Or they are banging on the door. Or shoving their adorable little hands under the door that both makes you want to cry and melts your heart at how cute it is. I have CRAVED those moments where kids are at school and baby is down for a nap and you are left with SILENCE. Complete silence. Also, the ability to go about your home freely and get your list done without being interrupted constantly or feeling trapped in a room because you can’t let the kids see you. Can you tell I’ve been struggling? 😆

So I came up with this Scavenger Hunt and I sent my adorable kids out the door with their dad (for those with teenagers maybe you can bribe them to do this for you) and I gave them the very simple rules: you can’t start until you are out of our neighborhood and take your time but have fun. Tyson was a champ and definitely didn’t rush it. Good man! 👏🏻

Zoey was so excited that she got to do some of the crossing out/checking off

I was very excited to have the house to myself for the first time in months and enjoy some much needed silence followed by an uninterrupted tv show. I HIGHLY recommend finding ways to make this happen. I love our kids and we have had a lot of fun during this quarantine but it was so nice to get some real, true, ME TIME again.

👆🏻 Here is a copy you can download and print for FREE to give yourself some magical YOU time. You deserve it!

Spreading Positivity

We decided to put up some motivational artwork in our front windows to hopefully spread some cheer to neighbors as they are out on walks.

I’ve had these motivational stencils for years and I’m finally putting them to good use! The kids each chose a quote (some chose 2) and then we traced, colored and hung them up!

We hope these pictures help spread some cheer! Hang in there everyone!

Playdough + Game = FUN!

Kids love playing with playdough and they love playing games so when you add the two it makes for quite the fun experience.

We took Pictionary and used playdough in place of drawing and we got quite a kick out of how easy we thought each would be but our molds never quite came out the way we had imagined. 🤣

Some of our favorites to attempt to create were: spaghetti, hammer, dancer, horse, ribbon and book. Some of these were our favorites because we were proud of how good we did and others because we got a kick out of how hard they were.

The moment Parker guessed Andi’s “dancer”. The first guess was “a one legged girl” 😂 I mean, I do see both.

The kids were having enough fun with it that they played until they went through all of the cards I had made. It was a definite win in our house!

quarantine – 0 us – 1

Social distancing will not stop us from having a good time! Here is a list the kids and I came up with some ideas for us to do during the next {at least} 2 weeks. I will post regularly with how these play out but majority of them we have already done before so I’m pretty confident they’ll be successful.

here is a printable version if you’re interested

I do know one thing that we are SURE to do, and that is to use this time to bond, learn, re-evaluate priorities and grow. Here is to making the most of this crazy time of life. 🙌🏽

aint no party like a crafting party

When I made the commitment to start being more intentional with how I was using my time I knew that one thing I REALLY wanted to get back to was crafting with our kids, especially the younger ones. I realized I had gotten out of the habit of doing fun crafts with the kids (especially during the holidays which is when we always did the most) due to our busier schedule and although I wasn’t willing to remove things from our to do list to make time for it I knew if I moved things around and made it a priority I could find time for it again.

So crafting has been reestablished in our household and what better time to get back in the habit then at the beginning of a bunch of holidays coming up?! Zoey and I decided to start with a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow in a fun new way and one that she could hang from the hook on her bedroom door (we use to make wreaths regularly for the kids to hang on their doors…simple craft ones that we throw away after each holiday). We started by find a pot of gold that I could print online. This is the one we used.

Zoey didn’t last too long coloring hers but she sure looked cute while doing it!

Next you have to cut some strips of paper the colors of the rainbow. (a red sheet cut into strips, an orange sheet etc)

Then, I took our colored pots and cut a slit right along where the gold ended and rim started so we could start threading the strips to make our rainbow.

We slid the pink strip through first and then Zoey taped it together (you could also staple) before moving on to purple and continuing up the rainbow. Zoey loved the taping part. I don’t know what it is about tape but each of our kids are obsessed and love an excuse to use it.

We had fun talking about each color and all the things of that color that we love as we added each new strip on. Zoey was so proud of her finished product and couldn’t wait to show Rylee when she got home from school (they share a room) Parker and Taylor have mine hanging from their door and Cambryn and Andi asked when they got to do a craft again. 😄 Looks like we all missed crafting.

I’ll have many more kid-friendly crafts coming to the blog so follow along if you want some more ideas to add to your compilation of craft ideas to do with your kiddos 🤗 Also, Happy St Patricks Day! 🌈🍀

Homemade Playdough

Little Miss and I decided we needed to make some playdough so we pulled out the recipe my mom used when we were growing up and got to work. Although this recipe does not have anything harmful in it, it doesn’t taste good either so I wouldn’t consider it edible. I do love the texture of this recipe though which is why I always go back to it.

The best part about this recipe is how easy it is. Dump all the ingredients into a saucepan, heat while stirring until it form a clump and then you simply roll it on the counter and knead it a bit and then you’re ready to play as soon as it cools. (maybe 3-5 minutes, tops) SO easy and so fun that the kids get to say they MADE their playdough, they love it!

We had so much fun rolling, cutting, forming, shaping, and then…building a snowman. Zoey was very captivated by how I made one…

So glad I had the camera ready to capture her reaction when I turned it around to show her…

She thought it was the silliest thing. Typical Arizona girl I guess. Then she decided to make her own and it’s just the cutest little thing ever. She did a good job and then took the “coal”, nose, arms and eyes off of mine to add to hers.

Zoey’s cute little doughman

If it’s a cold, chilly day and you want something to do with your child that takes very little effort but is so much fun, this is a great choice! Stores nicely in a gallon bag too so it entertains longer than just one sitting.