Meteor Crater

After learning all about outer space we decided to take a field trip to Winslow, AZ to check out the Meteor Crater and it was SO cool.

There is a few things to do while there that are fun and educational. First, you can check out the Apollo test capsule.

Snap a picture with the astronaut.

Check out the discovery center aka museum which is full of amazing facts, pictures, hands on exploration, videos, a short, informative movie and more. It’s not a huge museum but there is so much to explore and play with and learn in there that expect to spend majority of your time there.

This video was not only fascinating but it blew air at your when the meteor hit so you felt like you were there watching it.
They no longer let you hike to the bottom of the crater anymore but if you could this would be your view
Some of the hands on interactions/learning going down

The first glimpse of the crater that they got. By this point, you are about halfway through the museum and we thought they might want to rush through the rest of the museum to get outside to get better views of the crater but they were quickly distracted again by the videos of meteors hitting Jupiter and when a meteor hit Russia in 2013 that we still spent at least another 20 -30 minutes going through the rest of the museum.

When we finally made it outside to view the crater it did not disappoint. There are a couple of viewpoints to go to that give you different views of the crater and all of them have their own pros and non of them had cons.

This is looking through one of the viewfinders into the crater. If you look carefully just below the center of the picture you can see a whole in the ground with a chainlink fence laid over it. This is where a mine is that they dug to look for some of the buried pieces of meteorite . They had several viewfinders pointing to different areas of the crater with a little plaque that explains what you’re seeing when you look through that one.

There was also an option of taking a 30 minute “rim tour”. A 15 minute walk out 1/4 mile and then 15 minutes walk back all with a guide giving you facts galore and answering any questions you have. Very informative. Bring water if you go during the summer months because it is HOT. The tour is included in the price of the ticket.

If you are worried about Covid you should know that they had people sanitizing constantly and everyone was wearing masks the whole time. If you have a child interested in space, they will love this site. Shoot, if YOU love space you will love this trip, my husband and I loved it as much as the kids for sure! Everything I talked about in this post is included in the basic price, we found it to definitely be worth the money we spent.

On our way home we stopped by the Twin Arrows we saw on the side of the freeway on our way to the Meteor Crater. Curiosity got the best of us. It is literally nothing more than two GIANT arrows in the ground but it was worth the stop for some quick fun pictures.

If you go check out the Meteor Crater OR the Twin Arrows, let me know what you think! I really hope you love it as much as we did.


Coin Date

Sometimes you just need to mix things up a bit. This date idea is perfect if you don’t want to spend more money but we you want a slight variation on your usual date. No more going to the same restaurant every date night! All you need is a coin and a willingness to take a chance on luck.

First, choose a number between 10-20 (may be more or less depending on your area but point is, choose and number and stick to it). Once you get to the outside of your neighborhood start the game. Flip the coin every time you come to a red light, stop sign (only ones that don’t turn into a neighborhood) or “t” in the road…HEADS you turn right, TAILS you turn left.

Your first turn out of your neighborhood is ONE and you keep counting with each turn you make. Once you hit the final number you chose at the beginning you look around where you are and choose the nearest restaurant and that is where you eat! We had a handful of places around us where we ended, so we flipped one last time and that determined whether we chose a place on our right or our left.

We knew there were restaurants in this area but we rarely, if ever ate there. Just out of habit we always head to the same places so this got us out of our routine. We knew when we started that we wanted to try a new place so even thought this parking lot had a two places to eat that we knew we liked we ate at Koi Poke to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and it was SO WORTH IT!

Next time we are going to do a slight variation, and rather than waiting until we hit a stop sign or red light we are going to flip the coin every time we come up to a light, no matter the color it is, we will flip the coin and HEADS will be go straight and TAILS will be make a turn. So, if we get a TAIL we have to hurry and flip again to know whether to turn right or left. I’m sure there are even more variations of this you could come up with so have fun with it!

Parts of Speech Game

While working on the parts of speech why not make a game out of it to keep them practicing?! You will need a Scattergories dice with letters on it and make your own dice template like the one below.

Once you print the template fill it out with the parts of speech you are working on. We did verb, adverb, noun, adjective, pronoun and then “your choice”.

Have your child roll the dice. Look at what part of speech has landed up and then at which letter is facing up. They have to give an example of that part of speech that starts with the letter that is shown. Example: you roll “noun” and “r” and you could say, “remote control”.

One of the great things about this game is watching your kids easily remember what each of the parts of speech is. I would quiz them here and there before on what an adjective or verb was and they would always hesitantly reply. Now, we can be out somewhere and I will say, “Verb, S, go!” and they will immediately respond, “verb is an action…squatting!” It’s always fun seeing progress in your kids! 👏🏻

If you don’t have a Scattergories die no worries! Just print two of the templates and fill one of them in with 6 common letters such as T, S, R, W, N, M.

Hope you have fun!

Jenny B

A Native American Game

When we were reading the book, The Courage of Sarah Noble, we read a chapter that talked about the Native American children playing (I’ll leave it at that as to not spoil the book for anyone). As we were doing our discussion for that days reading we talked about what type of games the children may have been playing. Afterwards, we decided to learn a new game that perhaps they may have played. ** Now to be completely transparent this is a Native American themed game, I do not know if this is an authentic game they played. **

The first thing you will need to do is get 6 popsicle sticks. Distribute them to the kids. Have them color 1 side of each of the popsicle sticks they were given. I printed a paper that had a bunch of Native American hieroglyphics on them and what they mean, some kids chose to color their own designs and some chose to put little “stories” on their stick using the hieroglyphics. You will also need to have some sort of tokens to be playing for. We used beans, you could also use corn kernels, candy, pennies, whatever you want. How many you are playing with will also depend on how long you want the game to last. We did a pile of 20. Keep them off to the side as you start the game.

Now to play the game! Gather all the sticks from everyone. The child going first will drop all of them at once. Now you have to read the sticks….

If 3 of the colored sides are up and 3 are facing down, you get to pull ONE bean from the pile.

If all of the plain sides are showing/facing up you get TWO beans from the pile.

If all of the colored sides are facing up you get THREE beans from the pile.

Any other combination means you don’t get any beans and it moves to the next player. You keep taking turns until all the beans are distributed OR you can keep playing and start taking beans from another player once the jackpot pile is gone until 1 player has ALL of the beans.

This is also a great game if it’s a rainy day and you want the kids to take a break from technology but don’t want the mess of a board game.

Our cute 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.


The art of WEAVING

As usual I’m going to keep this super simple. For art, we learned all about weaving. Where it originated, the different types of weaves, what you would use each weave for and more. Then we put it into practice and did a fun craft.

Fun finishing touch option: wrap the ends and glue them down and then laminate your piece to make a placemat for dinner!

Water Cycle & Experiments

Learning about the water cycle turned out to be one of our favorite lessons so far. We went as far as to make a song up for it but I’ll spare you having to listen to it. I mean, we think it’s pretty epic but some may disagree.

This is what we used to start off the lesson. We went through naming each phase and what that word meant. Condensation, Precipitation, Collection, Evaporation…I can’t even say it anymore without singing the song.

Next up was experiment time. We filled a jar with about 3/4 water then added shaving cream to the top to represent clouds. Then we had a separate cup with water in it (dyed blue with a few drops of food coloring) and we observed how long our “cloud” could hold the “evaporated” water before becoming too full and releasing the rain/precipitation.

I really wish I had a dropper to do this but we worked with what we had. We couldn’t track how many drops it took very accurately but it did take majority of the syringe before you would see the blue makes its way through our cloud and into the water.

We experimented with how much longer it took to see the rain when the cloud was bigger…

And how quickly it came through when the cloud was smaller

It really was such a fun lesson and experiment. I like to have less of a “lesson” when it comes to science and more of a discussion and hands on activities. We talked about the water cycle for 2 days before taking out quiz. We also did an experiment to see how long it took for water to evaporate for a larger bowl of water vs a puddle on the ground.

Hope you got some good ideas from this post of what you can do with your kids! Stay tuned for a lot more homeschooling tips, lessons and ideas coming soon.


3 States of Matter

We are beginning the homeschool journey and what better place to put the documents I’m creating for it then on the blog? 🤗

So quick and to the point: Here is a worksheet that talks a little about the states of matter and then right after that worksheet is a quiz which I will give the kids down the road. We have a couple of science experiments and games to play before we get around to taking the test.

Water Gun Art

Water gun art is SO fun and SO easy and takes very little effort. We used washable paint so that anywhere it dripped we could easily clean up, especially since it is so watered down. Ready for how easy this is?!

Mix equal part of paint and water. I mixed it in plastic cups I could throw away after and used a craft stick to mix it up.

Use a funnel (or a very steady hand) to pour the paint into the water gun. We used $1 store water guns and they worked great!

Now, you have fun squirting your canvas! This would be a great project to put a picture, letter, or design on the canvas with tape first and then after the paint is dry, peel it off to reveal your masterpiece design.

We kept our colors to red and blue this time since we were going a 4th of July craft. We also left it simple with just using the gun and not taping anything on it first. This is a perfect project for kids who love to do crafts but have a hard time focusing or sitting still for too long.

Hope your kiddos have as much fun with this project as ours did!


DIY stress balls

Who doesn’t love a good stress ball? Ok, so our kids may not have much stress in their lives but we do have a couple of kids who struggle to focus and these help them out quite a bit. They are so easy and cheap to make so if you lose one it’s not a biggie, you just make another one! I also love these because I appreciate a fun craft that is also useful AND shows off the child’s creativity which this one does. Look how cute each of their stress balls turned out and displays what they are currently into.

Ok, are you ready for how easy these are?! You need: balloons, flour, funnel, a dry plastic water bottle, permanent marker and yarn. (the last two items being optional)

First, get an empty, dry, water bottle and use a funnel to pour about 1 cup of flour into it.

Next, blow up the balloon a little and then stretch it over the water bottle. After blowing up the balloon I had my daughter hold it closed while I stretched it over the water bottle so that the air didn’t come out while I was doing it. When you tip the water bottle upside down it should fall into the balloon pretty easily but a little shaking is necessary.

You need to let the air out next but you can’t just let go too much or flour will explode everywhere so pull the balloon tight to make that squeaking noise while you let the air slowly leak out. A little flour will come out at the end when all the air is out so don’t worry about it, that’s normal.

The easiest step is next, tie it off! Quickly followed by the fun part, decorating.

Enjoy the FREE printable version of instructions above.

As always, have fun with it and use your creativity!


DIY night lights/glowing jars

There are so many fun fairy jars you can do out there. Some involve using glow in the dark sticks you can open and use the liquid to pour in your jar, others involve cutting out outlines of fairies and pasting them in your jar so that when they glow at night it looks like a fairy is in your jar…the list goes on of creative ways people make these fun jars.

If you have been to my blog before though, you know that I am a simple diy-er. I like doing crafts, science experiments, cooking and throwing parties with my kids but I also am also not a mom to go over the top with any of those. Instead, try to find the balance of a good diy craft/party/recipe/experiment while keeping it simple. Enter these extremely easy glow in the dark jars or better known as “fairy jars”.

All you need is 1 mason jar/kid, some paint brushes and glow in the dark paint. (We tried glow in the dark glue and it didn’t work nearly as well so I wouldn’t recommend it) Glitter is optional. I think the glitter works best when you do the version with the glow in the dark sticks or any of the versions where you put actual lights inside your jar to turn on at nights. We experimented with the glitter which is why it’s in the picture but we only tried it on 2 jars before realizing it wasn’t worth it. Definitely look up the glow in the dark stick version if you want something looking colorful and more like a galaxy jar. They are super cool.

What we liked best was using the glow in the dark paint and just doing tiny dots all over the inside. It can be time consuming or a very fast project depending on what design you do inside. Most of the kids did a bunch of dots, some did a mixture of dots and letters, some did zig zags, stripes…the possibilities are endless. I wish I got a picture of all of the jars but the kids ran off with them pretty fast and they aren’t the easiest thing to photograph with my phone so I’m going to just roll with the three I did get to photograph.

The nice thing about these is there is no replacing batteries in lights, no need to plug in anywhere and they fade. So the kids put them in their window sill during the day and then at night they stare at them while they drift off to sleep and they fade and leave the room really dark throughout the night.

Are they fancy? No. Did they still have fun while making them? Yes! So we count that as a win and move on to the next task. 🤗 Happy crafting!