Family Photos 2022

I don’t want to admit how many HOURS I spent picking out outfits. Even with all of Cambryn’s help, it took us days of talking and rearranging. Ugh! By the time we finally decided on the outfits I was dreading going to get the pictures done and had decided I hate taking family pics. Once we started taking the pictures though the kids did so good and we had so much fun and I just love our photographer. She made it so fun and easy, made sure we all looked good and just look at these shots she got! We’re so excited about how they turned out and they made every late night switching outfits around SO worth it. Ok, fine, I love family pictures!



Small group shots:

Family shots:

If you live in Gilbert and are looking for a photographer, book Averi! You can check out her website or follow her on Instagram.

Another year down, and time is flying! 2 teenagers, 5 kids being homeschooled, a needy toddler, 4 kids in dance, 5 taking piano, 1 taking cello, public school for 1 kid (electives), church activities, 6 chickens, 2 dogs, house renovations, busy callings, up-keeping traditions, starting new ones, side jobs….we stay busy! And we LOVE it. Days are full of laughter, tears, eye rolls, exhaustion, games, learning, talking, challenges, driving, reading, dishes, cleaning, fun, cooking, bike rides, hockey (yes, we started our own “team” as part of school), walks, music, lessons, tests and then repeating a lot of it several times a day and we would’t trade it for anything. We regularly want to cry from exhaustion but we also regularly look around and say to each other, “these are the moments we’ll miss”.

I’m grateful to have our kids home so much. It is hard at times, but the memories we are making are worth all of the challenges. We can’t believe we only have 4 more years left with Cam at home! WHAT?! We’re going to continue to soak up every second we can with these kids and just focus on all the good times which luckily for us is A LOT because these kids are something special!

We hope everyone had a good year, is having a wonderful holiday season and will have an amazing 2023!

the Browns

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