Come Follow Me – December

CFM manual, scriptures and journals are all that are needed this month. I don’t specify where to journal this month but plan on having the kids continuing to have journals with them as we do lessons so they can write down any impressions they have.

Week 49: Nov 28 – Dec 4

Week 50: Dec 5 – Dec 11

Week 51: Dec 12 – Dec 18

Week 52: Dec 19 – Dec 25

We have had such a great year studying the Old Testament. I’m so grateful for Come Follow Me and the depth it adds to these well known stories giving us a better understanding of how they lived, how they learned, and what we can learn from them.

I’m SO excited to get back to the New Testament and studying about Christ’s time and mission here. How much we have learned and grown the last 4 years since we first started Come Follow Me! Can’t wait to be back at the beginning gaining an even deeper love and knowledge of the life of our Savior.


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