July books

I know this is way late but I read so many great books in July that I had to still document it somewhere.

Just As Long As We’re Together by Judy Blume was a “meh” for me. Probably 3 stars. It wasn’t bad at all but there was nothing great about it either. I wanted to try one of her books because I had heard good things for teenagers but I’m not dying to read another book or recommend this one even to my girls. I’m all about books that are entertaining AND add some great value/education/lessons and this book was pure fluff in my opinion.

The Sister Preachers was interesting, I definitely enjoyed it, but as with most Deseret Bookshelf books, I wouldn’t give it more than a 4 star. I highly recommend reading the book if you’re going to, I found the audio bothering me enough that maybe that’s part of why I didn’t LOVE the book? I don’t know exactly what it was for me. I felt pretty similar to Hannah. I did enjoy it and found it very interesting but sometimes hearing some of the characters sound like girls from this day and age through me for a loop at times. Strong 4 stars though because I did love the educational factor.

1776 is such a fascinating book. You have to love history to probably get super into it, it is not a story just straight facts but it was fun to listen to again. Recommend the audio for sure!

Now for the rest of the books: I LOVED THEM. The War I Finally Won, All the Lonely People, The Sun Does Shine, The Things We Cannot Say, Star Girl, America’s First Daughter and Rent Collector are all fantastic books that I highly recommend. We listened to Rent Collector – student edition as a family and we all loved it. FANTASTIC lessons and the kids would ask for us to turn it back on as soon as we got in the car…that’s always a good sign! All of these books were a perfect balance of educational, entertaining and inspiring. Highly recommend all of them!

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