Come Follow Me – April

Same as every other month, you really just need the Gospel Library app to do these lessons but if you have journals for your kids it is an added bonus. This allows them to write any promptings or thoughts they have while having these very short lessons or even drawing pictures or phrases that come to mind. Overall, it’s been a very positive experience for our family when we do it.

We also use The Beginner’s Bible a lot but it is not mandatory to do these lessons. I mention in the lesson which chapters are covered by the story we read so if you don’t have The Beginner’s Bible you can just ready those chapters in the Bible instead. The Beginner’s Bible is a great option for families with young children, children with very short attention spans or even for families with busy schedules that leave them short on time for CFM.

I should also mention that each Monday it talks about introducing the word of the week and then it’s mentioned again on Sunday when we review it. I’m referring to the Don’t Miss This Old Testament Poster Set we use. Again, something that we love and use because it was gifted to us but it’s not a MUST HAVE. It is not mentioned throughout the week but we do often as a family while discussing the lessons mention when we see now why that word was chosen for the week’s lessons. It’s nice but can easily be skipped.

Without further ado…the lessons for this month:

Week 15 (Apr 4 – Apr 10):

Week 16 (Apr 11 – Apr 17):

This is the week of Easter for CFM schedule so the FHE lesson has a little something special.

There is also a special video to watch on Easter found here or you can google the title I give on the lesson printout and it will take you right to it.

Week 17 (Apr 18 – Apr 24):

Sunday of this week has an option of taking some time to work on memorizing the 10 Commandments in this fun way.

Week 18 (Apr 25-May 1):

Hope you have a great month full of learning and growth!


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