Come Follow Me – March

The printouts for each week, your scriptures, the Come Follow Me manual (hard copy or from the Gospel Library app – the app makes videos quick and easy to find), and The Beginner’s Bible are the items needed for this week. The Beginner’s Bible is not mandatory but it is a huge help to keeps things quick and to the point whether because of younger kids in the house or busy schedules that don’t leave a lot of time. (I do get a small payment for purchases made through this blog. Thank you in advance for using this above link!) We also use the Don’t Miss This – Word of the Week. You see me reference “introduce the word of the week” on Mondays and “review word of the week” on Sunday…that is what I am referring to. You can find it here if you are interested in it. One last thing that is not mandatory but that we use is journals. The kids each have their own CFM journal and at times there are specific guidelines of what they should be writing but often times it is just a space for them to take random notes, pictures, quotes, and doodles of thoughts that come to mind during these short lessons.

First week of March: Week 10 of CFM

It’s been the craziest month, luckily I had these planned back in January but I just typed them up tonight to be ready to start CFM again tomorrow so, no pictures to post this month. Hopefully there aren’t too many typos, I did zero checking this time. Such is life.

Week 11 (2nd week of March):

Items needed for this week: 2 magnets and 1 paperclip (for FHE lesson). Links for videos not on the CFM manuals: The Refiner’s Fire and After the Storm.

Week 12 (3rd week of March):

No supplies needed or extra video clips this week. Journals will be used but again, not mandatory.

Week 13 (week 4 of March):

No additional supplies needed this week but I do refer to this post which may help you with names of Christ.

Week 14 (5th week of March):

Here is the link for my favorite video discussing the Passover that is watched on Wednesday. The video watched on Sunday can be found HERE

That’s it for the month! Hope it is a great month for you and your family!


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