Come Follow Me Schedule – February

Materials needed for this month:

Your scriptures, the Come Follow Me manual (shortened to: CFM), The Beginner’s Bible (this is optional, I let you know what pages from the bible you can read as a replacement but his is a great option for a fun summary for kids. I use it the times I want them to get the summarized version so we can spend more time on discussing the lesson to be learned. This is an affiliate link so if you purchase through here, thank you so much!), print outs for each week, Walking with the Women of the Old Testament (I got mine at Costco but I did find it HERE. Although the cover looks different, it is the same author so I’m assuming it’s the same. I will say I don’t use this book often in CFM lessons but we do read it each Sunday with our older kids and have LOVED it so far).

Week 6 (1st week of February):

You’ll notice that there are some extra pages to print for Family Home Evening if you choose to do that lesson. I found all of my pages from ColoringHome. I printed 6 that went along with the story we read which will allow us to use our cut out coloring pages to reenact the story as it’s read. You will also need your to pull up videos from Library app in the Primary CFM Manual OR “Old Testament Stories” put out by the church. You can find one here: Noah and His Family but The Tower of Babel will have to be found on the Gospel Library app. I don’t have them pictured, but our children always bring their CFM journals to our lessons so they can write when inspiration strikes and in some lessons it is worked into the lessons.

Week 6’s printout:

Week 7 (February 7-13):

The Beginner’s Bible will again be used this week along with the usual CFM manual and your scriptures. Note that there is some prep work needed this week. See the printout for more details. Technically you could get away winging it or just reading it all but as they are longer sections you may want to read in advance and just highlight/underline the parts you would like to review as a family.

The book, Walking with the Women of the Old Testament, will be used this week in one of the lessons, however, it can be left out if needed.

There are some videos you will watch so make sure to also have your phone with the Gospel Library app available and ready to go.

Week 7 printout:

Week 8 (February 14-20):

This week you just need the CFM manual, your scriptures, and your phone for the watching THIS video. If you do the FHE lesson planned, you need to also have some sort of treat for them to look forward to after the lesson (they are going to learn about the wait being worth it often times). Because this is falling on Valentine’s Day, I put together little bags for them as seen below.

Printout for week 8:

Week 9 (Feb 21-27):

You will need The Beginner’s Bible, CFM manual, printout for the week, your scriptures and your phone for watching the videos which can be found on the Gospel Library app. As always, journals are another great addition but not mandatory. There is an additional clip to watch, Water of Life, which I included here since it is not found in the Gospel Library. I tell you the info in the printout as well so you can also look it up yourself easily.

Week 9 printout:

Hope you enjoy another month of quick but intentional Come Follow Me lessons with your family!


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