What we’re all about…

Homestead Creations is something I have always dreamed of but was not quite sure it would ever happen.  I love creating, I love crafting, I love decorating and I love trying new things so it seems to be the perfect business to get into.  What I never expected is WHO I would be starting this business with but I could not possibly be more excited about it.

These 6 cuties (and 1 hottie husband) standing with me are my family.  The more I contemplated what exactly I would want to do with a home decor business the more I realized I wanted this to be a family business.  The more I started to figure out how to include the kids and what lessons I could help teach through this process the more excited I got.  The kids help with design, shopping, assembly, painting, staging and photoshoots  Tyson, the love of my life, helps me with some of the wood projects and is always a good sounding board as I talk through ideas.

I’m excited to see the kids nourish their talents of creativity.  I look forward to the lessons in handwork, dedication and consistency that we will learn together as a family.  I am eager for them to learn what it takes to start and run a business along with me. It won’t always be easy but most things worthwhile aren’t and we are up for the challenge. 

So, welcome to Homestead Creations.  All items sold are from our family business.  All other posts are just part of our everyday life that we love.


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